Turn outward and serve others – when the natural man would turn inward to himself

The MTC has been an amazing experience so far! The language is coming along splendidly, I have already taught five investigators lessons completely in Czech, with the help of a note card, and I can pray and bear my testimony in the language efficiently and it has only been two days.
I gained a new companion when one of the Elders in my district got sent home so I am now in a trio with Starsi Lanham & Starsi Tingey. Starsi Lanham is from Orem, Utah and is very good at the language because his bother served in Poland and taught him a little when he got home (Polish and Czech are super similar). Starsi Tingey is from Washington and is very good with the language as well, but his primary strength has been his testimony thus far. Both of them are amazing and I couldn’t have asked for better companions to be here at the MTC with.
My district is composed of five Elders (including our trio), and three sisters. All of us are going to be serving in the Czech Republic, except for one sister who will be serving in Slovak. I’ll write more about them later because time is short.
My zone is the greatest in the MTC. The Branch Presidency is simply spectacular in personality and spirit. I am close friends with everyone in the zone and have come to love all of them dearly. I have seen a lot of people that I have know while I have been here. I have run into several friends from BYU, Pocatello, and my YSA 108 ward. It is unreal the numbers of Elders and Sisters here that I know.
I want to bear my testimony that this gospel is the most simple and beautiful thing this world has to offer, and I would like to share with you a brief spiritual thought.
During my first Sunday devotional, I watched a talk called the Character of Christ. During this video, I gained a new perspective that I would like to share with you. That perspective is the completely selfless behavior of the Savior. There was not once in the Savior’s life when he was not caring for those around him. After he faced Lucifer, after his 40 day fast, he sent angels to comfort John the Baptist who was in prison.When he took on our sins in the garden of Gethsemane, he allowed the apostles to rest. While being taken into captivity, he healed the ear of the servant. And while he hung on the cross, he talked to the two who hung beside them and shared with them the gospel and begged forgiveness to our Father in Heaven for those who crucified him.
I would encourage us to follow the Savior and turn outward and serve others when the natural man would turn inward to himself.
I say these things in the name of Jezis Krista, Amen.



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