. . . So, his friends brought him a rock . . .

The MTC is still just as amazing as when I arrived, and if anything the Spirit is stronger here than when I arrived two weeks ago. My companions are doing well, we now have three investigators that we are teaching and we teach a lesson every day of the week. Sometimes even two a day. It would be stressful, but the language is coming along fantastically. I can teach the first two lessons in Preach My Gospel without notes now. The gift of tongues is real. However, as a result of this rapid language learning is that my English is deteriorating. I no longer answer yes or no, but rather ano or ne. I love Czech. In fact, the past couple of nights most of my dreams have been in Czech.
My district is still amazing, they feel like a small family to me. And my zone has probably the greatest in all the MTC, every person has such a strong testimony of the Doctrine of Christ and I cannot imagine being here in the MTC without some of the friendships I have made in my zone.

And now a brief spiritual thought.
In Exodus 17:8-13 the Bible tells of a battle between Joshua and Amalek. This battle was determined by Moses’ ability to hold up the Rod of God. If his hand lowered Amalek would begin to win, and if his hand remained steady Joshua would win. However, Moses could not keep his hand up the entire battle, so, his friends brought him a rock to sit on and helped him prop up his hand.
Thank you all for propping me up so that I could be where I am right now. I know that without some of you I would have lost my battle, and I don’t know where I’d be. Just like you have propped me up and supported me in this choice and throughout my life, seek out those whose arms grow weary that you may prop them up that they might have victory.
Ve jmenu Ježiš Kristus, Amen.
Happy days,
Starší Page
Love you Mom I hope you and the rest of the family have an amazing week give all the kids my love and let dad know that he has been my inspiration and my role model as I have been here.
You are all in my prayers

– Elder Page


My companions are Mark Lanham and Joshua Tingey. Some other is my group are Elder Oviatt, Elder Terry, Elder Rice, Sister Bailey, Sister Scharer (IDK how to spell it), Sister Ratcliff, Sister Vanwagoner, and Sister Delschuler,


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