Through HIS love and HIS Atonement we gain the ability to overcome the weakness of our flesh.

Just some general news, yes I still have two companions here at the MTC and I think that I will probably be in a trio with them until I get out on the mission field. Oh and don’t worry about the Saint Patrick’s day box! It got here the Day before Saint Patrick’s Day! Last thing before the family and friends email, they have a picture of Aunt Camille here in the MTC in building 1M from when she served her mission in Greece in 1998! PS- my companions say hi and thanks for the goodies!
Dear family and friends,
Its been yet another amazing week here at the MTC! I cannot believe that it has already been one month since I arrived here. Sometimes it feels like I have been here for years, but now looking back on it, it has gone by so quickly.
My calling as Zone Leader is going well! This Sunday my companion and I get to, for the first time in MTC history, conduct a joint priesthood and relief society meeting all by ourselves. In this calling, I have become even closer to the Savior as I have studied how to be a leader and an example as He was. While I have come to do this, I have received some of the most powerful and prominent revelation from him.
The Language is coming along splendidly, my teachers said that our zone is way ahead of the game in terms of grammar, and one teacher told me that he believes I could be fluent in the Language three months into my mission! Czech is just the coolest language ever, I love it.
In other news, we committed our first investigator to baptism this week and the spirit that we had during that lesson was overwhelming. Simply put one of the most amazing experiences ever. Some news from my district, Elder Oviatt had a birthday this week so we threw him a surprise “Ahoy!” birthday party during one of our additional studies.
News from the zone, we have two districts that are heading out of here in the next two weeks, the Croatians and the Bulgarians, and to be honest that will probably be the hardest thing I have had to deal with since arriving here at the MTC. Many of them I consider close friends and look up to them both as leaders and mentors.

Now for the spiritual thought of the week.
This week was full of amazing spiritual lessons, all of which I could share. However, the one that I feel prompted to share comes from Nephi’s Pslam.
In 2 Nephi verses 15 through 35, Nephi describes the sorrow he feels to the Lord. It occurs almost immediately after Lehi passes away. His sorrows however, are because he knows that he is a natural man, who falls prey to the wants and desires of the flesh, even though he knows that the Lord has blessed him all his life.
I believe we all feel that sorrow, we desire nothing more than to serve our loving Heavenly Father and make Him proud of us, but despite the wants of our souls we are still in a fallen state prone to commit sin. The verse that I think is the  most amazing is verse 21. It reads “He hath filled me with his love, even to the consuming of my flesh”. At first glance this scripture is confusing, but studying it reveals the power of the Saviors love through us. Through HIS love and HIS Atonement we gain the ability to overcome the weakness of our flesh. We gain that power to over come that natural man, and become like Christ.
I want to bear my testimony that I know this church is true and that through the love and the Atonement of the Savior we can all be made whole.
Ve Jému Ježíše Krista, Amen.
Happy Days,
Starší Page

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