He doesn’t only hear us, but He answers us – – if we listen.

This week has been a great one! General Conference in the MTC was absolutely spectacular and I felt like I was able to receive answers to so many of my questions during many of the talks.
This week has also been long because my district and I have been waiting for our travel plans which we get TOMORROW! We did however, learn that our departure is going to be delayed four days and we will be leaving on April 23rd instead of April 20th. My companions are doing great as always. We set a goal this week to learn and memorize 500 Czech words by Saturday and we are already at 420 today! Needless to say, the Lord is continuing to bless us with the gift of tongues. My district like I already mentioned is getting anxious to leave the MTC, and begin our work in the field. I will send some pictures later today or next week to show what life is like here in the MTC.
For this week’s spiritual thought, I want to express the importance and power of prayer. I’ve often thought that prayer was something that I should only use as needed, but while I have been here at the MTC, I have learned that it is much more than that. It is a commandment given to us that we should pray to our Heavenly Father always.
One of my favorite examples of prayer is in the Book or Mormon, in Helaman 5. Nephi and Lehi are in prison, and the Lord does this super cool thing where, he pretty much literally, calls down thunder and darkness on the prison guards, and he speaks to them from heaven and tells them that they should repent or suffer. And the walls are shaking and the earth is trembling and the guards are terrified. And they have no idea where to turn. But someone in their group knew. A man named Aminadab said “You must repent, and cry unto the voice, even until ye shall have faith in Christ…and when ye shall do this the cloud of darkness shall be removed.” And so they did. They cried “unto the voice of him who had shaken the earth.” How beautiful is that?
The takeaway message from this is that, the Almighty God, who can make the walls and buildings and planets shake, wants to hear from you. When you are in trouble or pain or darkness or lonely or worried, cry to him. When your soul trembles like those walls, cry to Him because the God who has power to make all things move also has power to make all things stand still.
I want to share an experience I had this past week as I cried out to my Father in Heaven. Recently, I have been pondering what kind of person I want to be for my future wife and children, and focusing on what I need to be doing here on my mission to become a good man for them. Then, several nights ago, I had a nightmare where I was with my future family and for some reason had no means by which to provide for them. I woke up in a sweat around 2 o’clock in the morning with this fear pressing upon my mind. I did the only thing I could think of to receive help and slid off my bed and onto my knees. I offered a simple prayer, asking Heavenly Father for comfort that I may be able to rest and not worry about what I should do in the future, and I asked what for guidance as to what I should be doing now to prepare for this question in the future.
Shortly after offering my prayer, I climbed back into bed and felt the weight and the worry lifted off my shoulders as I slipped back to sleep. The next morning, scarcely remembering the nightmare of the night before, began my personal study. Not having picked a topic before I decided the logical thing to do was to open my Book of Mormon to a random page and study that chapter.
Opening my Book of Mormon, I found myself in 1 Nephi 16. Without a second thought, I began my study. About 16 verses in I realized that it was the story of how Nephi had broken his steel bow in the wilderness and had no means to provide food for his family. Quickly remembering my nightmare and realizing this was the guidance I had been asking for, I began a vigorous study of the chapter.
I know that Heavenly Father hears us, and that he doesn’t only hear us but answers us if we listen. I know that through prayer we can receive revelation for how we can align our will with the Fathers and find peace and comfort.
I say these things in the name of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, amen.
Happy Days,
Elder Page

Starší Page

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