The District can barely contain its excitement!

What an exciting week it has been! We got our travel plans this past Friday! We leave the MTC April 23 at 4 in the morning and then fly out from Salt Lake to Dallas at 9. After that, we hop on a plane in Dallas that takes us to London! And from London we fly to Prague! The District can barely contain its excitement! So, as you can guess the district is doing fantastic, and Elder Lanham, Elder Tingey, and myself are anxious to hit the ground running in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, since we leave on Thursday I won’t have a P Day for two-ish weeks, but I’ll have my mom write y’all a brief email about the phone call home on the 23rd.
I haven’t been able to come up with a concrete spiritual thought for this weeks email, but I did have some thoughts I have been pondering that I’d like to share.
For those of you who don’t know I have been participating in the MTC choir every Sunday and Tuesday night. During these rehearsals, our conductor Brother Eggett, always makes sure to share a spiritual message with us. This week his message was about our purpose.
He shared a thought about President Monson and the great leader that he is. He then went on to point out that all of the experiences he has had up to now have helped him be a greater asset to the Lord. He was placed here at a specific time to gain specific experiences to help the members of the church.
Much like him we were all placed on the earth at a specific time for a specific purpose. It was not random. So remember every day to find that purpose and to gain those experiences that you will need to lift others up when the Lord calls upon you to serve.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Happy Days,
Elder Page
– –

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