And off he goes . . .

Hello Friends and Family,

We (Elder Page’s parents) had a wonderful visit with Starsi Page during his layover in Dallas yesterday afternoon.  He was, in his words ‘off the charts excited.’  He is traveling with his 2 companions from the MTC and a few other missionaries in their district.  He certainly has grown and shared his powerful testimony with us. He spoke in Czech to us and even sang us a little song in Czech. Some fun, silly little tune about a frog.
When we asked Gavin about whether or not they would be knocking doors, he indicated that primarily they will be reaching out to investigators in public areas (ie buses, parks, etc.).  He even said sometimes they will sing in the streets.  I am not sure if I heard that part right!  What a vision, Gavin singing with his companion in the market square.  What interesting and amazing new experiences lay in store for him.
He asked that we send each of you his love and appreciation for the blessing each of you have been in his life and for the part that you have played helping him become the man he is today.
Elder Page shared with us that he was disappointed that he only brought one Book of Mormon with him for his flights, because he gave it to the person he sat next to on his first flight from SLC to Dallas. He was thrilled to be able to share the gospel the with his 26 year old neighbor on the plane. Gavin said he asked him the question “How can I get to know God better?” By the time the flight landed Gavin had given him a Book of Mormon. They exchanged email addresses.  Gavin helped him understand how he could contact the missionaries and promised he would email him and follow up to make sure he was able to make the connection with the missionaries.  Sounds like he is off to a great start!  Gavin said it was ‘the best thing ever’ to be able to share the gospel with him.  He just wished he had more books to pass out to the unsuspecting neighbors on his 2 other flights. 😉
Needless to say, we are thrilled with the missionary he has and will become and for the way that we see Christ turning, changing and growing his heart.  We are looking forward to more great emails and experiences from him. His new p-day will be either Monday or Saturday depending on where he is serving in the mission. So, I will now have a new favorite day of the week!  Gavin indicated that he will only be serving in the Czech Republic, that there are other missionaries who learned the language for Slovakia. His learning centered around the Czech language.
It was fun to hear him speak the language.  He was able to say quite a bit and at a pretty quick pace. When Gavin got done speaking to us and he exclaimed “I love Czech! It is the best!”  So, off he goes on this grand adventure, with a great attitude and grateful heart for the time he had to prepare in the MTC.  He is really ready.  He expressed to us that he felt really good about his time in the MTC, that he gave it his very best, and used every moment to better prepare himself for his service in the Czech Republic.
We want to thank all of you for the support that each of you has been to him.  He commented on the emails and letters from ward members and family and expressed how much he appreciated them.  So – thank you for supporting him!
We love you and appreciate the blessing that each of you are in our lives.
Misty & Monte Page

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