As we turn to him he will guide and direct our paths.

The Czech Republic has been absolutely amazing! I know y’all gave been dying to see some pictures so here you go! The pictures don’t do it justice and I can only send two… But it’ll have to do! The third picture is of me and my trainer, Elder Yentes. He is from California and has been here almost a year and a half. Naturally, he is a beast at the language and is a spiritual giant. I am so grateful to have him as my trainer.

We are serving in a town called Zlin in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, and it has roughly 80,000 people in it. It’s incredibly beautiful. Picture number four is from a building in the center of the city.
The branch is wonderful. There are only about 15 members that come regularly, but they are all strong as can be. I arrived and went to game night with them when I first arrived in Zlin and gave an impromptu spiritual thought and they were kind enough to say that my Czech was good, haha.
I had my first lesson on Sunday with a recently baptized member and her parents who haven’t been baptized yet. We are hoping to be able to baptize both of them by the end of the transfer; in order to bring the blessings of the gospel to their whole family. It was an amazing experience minus the fact that I can’t understand Czech very well, haha.
We had our first mini miracle today! This morning Elder Yentes was telling me about a contact he had with a younger girl about a month ago on the street. They had a wonderful lesson and had scheduled a follow-up visit, but didn’t exchange numbers. When Elder Yentes and his companion returned to the place for the follow-up visit they couldn’t find her.  Fast forward to today we were getting my bus pass and realized we had forgotten my drivers license at the apartment, so we turned around and headed back. On our way, we ran into the girl Elder Yentes had taught over a month ago! She told us how she had been looking for us for weeks wanting to know more about the gospel, but had been unable to find us. So, we postponed our walk to the apartment and walked her to her next class and scheduled another meeting, making sure this time to exchange numbers.
I know that Heavenly Father will always provide a way for those who in search of his light and that as we turn to him he will guide and direct our paths, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll write more next week! (And sorry my english is becoming weaker.. haha)
Happy Days,

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