We cannot allow ourselves to come to the belief that the Lord is not waiting to take us in.

This past week has been nuts. I don’t even know where to begin.

We had “Greenie” training last Tuesday in Brno, absolutely gorgeous, and I got to see all of my MTC group, for the first time since we split up in Prague.
After the training, I had my first companion exchange, and I got to travel to a town called Uherske Hradiste with my district leader, Elder Shepard. It was sweet, because he is from Idaho Falls. We found out we know some of the same people and had a lot of friends in common within the church in Idaho. It was also great because we got a younger mom to accept a baptismal date during our first lesson with her!
After the exchange, I headed back to Zlin to reunite with my trainer. Every week we volunteer at a facility that teaches Czech children English, and this week it was special because as we were volunteering we met a family who wants us to teach them about our church! So, this next week we get to meet with them again.
To be honest, the rest of the week was a blur of contacting and tracting… I can’t remember much else until Sunday.
Sunday was fantastic, we had a good turn out at church, and I felt like I was able to understand a lot more of the talks that were given. After church, we taught a quick lesson in the Namesti (town square) and then headed off to a member family’s home to skype our families for Mother’s Day. We had a quick meal of crepes and fruit, and then Skyped with our families. It was amazing to be able to see everyone, and especially how big Griffin is getting! He looks huge now and he can talk super well!
Today, we helped a less active member move out of a cottage on the outskirts of Zlin, and words cannot describe how beautiful (and very European) it was. And unfortunately, I forgot my camera cord today…. but next week I promise to send one or two pictures your way.

This week’s spiritual thought comes from my personal study about the people of Anti Nephi Lehi.
A quick intro, in Alma 27 the people of Anti Nephi Lehi have already made covenants with the Lord that they would no longer be a people of war and buried their weapons. However, the Amalekites begin to fall upon them and slay them. After Ammon sees that the people are suffering, he asks the King of the people if they could relocate his people to the land of the Nephites were they wouldn’t be attacked. The King says he doesn’t believe that this is possible because he thinks “The Nephites will destroy us because of the many murders and sins we have committed against them” Alma 27:6. However Ammon inquires of the Lord, and the Lord says to take the people to the Nephites. And when they arrived to the Nephites, the people of Anti Nephi Lehi were forgiven their sins and trespassings against the Nephites, and given land and offered protection, so long as they shall help support the Nephites.
How often are we like the people of Anti Nephi Lehi and think that we are too far gone in sin, that the Lord could never forgive us? If we come unto the Lord he will always forgive us. We cannot allow ourselves to come to the belief that the Lord is not waiting to take us in, and protect us from the temptations of the world. In this world, where temptations swirl around us constantly and we carry guilt and shame for those things we have done, we can find relief in the Lord. I know that with the help of our Savior and Redeemer we can find refuge and peace in our crazy lives.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

More next week!
Happy Days,
Starší Page

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