. . .Because, in the end, Heavenly Father will always care for his children . . .

Another amazing week here in the Czech Republic! My companion and I are facing some challenges here. We were supposed to have two baptisms this week but they both fell through, and we had several of our hopeful investigators dropped us this week, which was pretty rough. Hopefully, they warm up to us again in the coming weeks! But despite this, we found several families that are interested in the church! There is one family who lives outside of Zlin and comes into to for work, and they have two kids. Another family is really just a young couple who just had their first little girl, and they love the idea of eternal families. That’s just some of the new people we have found. we have had several other miracle contacts this week as well!
So, the spiritual thought for this week comes from Alma 58. In this chapter in the Book of Mormon, Helaman is writing and epistle to Captain Moroni about the condition of his wars with the Lamanites. Him, his 2,070 stripling warriors, and several other Nephite armies having been having great successes against the Lamanites, and living in a righteous manner before the Lord. However, they are suffering because they haven’t received new supplies or fresh troops from Zahramala in a long time, to the point where Helaman writes that they almost“perish[ed] for the want of food”. Helaman explains that he and his troops don’t know why they aren’t receiving support and supplies from the government and that they are suffering because of it.

 34 Now we do not know the cause that the government does not grant us more strength; neither do those men who came up unto us know why we have not received greater strength.

However, the key concept is found in my favorite verses in this chapter, verse 37:

37 But, behold, it mattereth not-we trust God will deliver us, notwithstanding the weakness of our armies, yea, and deliver us out of the hands of our enemies.

Just like Helaman and his troops we at times might not know why we things in our lives might not seem to be working out. We feel that we are living according to the commandments of Heavenly Father to the best of our abilities, yet we still struggle and suffer. We must remember to trust in God. We should always work our hardest, but we don’t need to worry about why things might not seem to be going our way, because, in the end, Heavenly Father will always care for his children. For he takes care of all his children who will trust him. I know that as we place our trust in him that tends to the fowls of the air and the lilies of the fields, he will provide that what we need as we seek his kingdom. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Happy Days,

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