With GRATITUDE our burdens become light and the light of Christ fills us completely

So this week was slightly less crazy than last week, but still just as amazing. A Quick rundown of it:
Tuesday, June 2nd:
we just worked hard all day, we taught about six lessons on the street, followed by our English Classes, and we ended the day with a lesson with one of our investigators (I’ll come back to this).
Wednesday, June 3rd:
we had interviews with President McConkie, which were absolutely amazing! He is probably one of the most spiritual people I have ever met. Then, we contacted and tracted the remainder of the day
Thursday, June 4th:
was exciting, because we had district meeting! We did a group chalk display in the town square and as a whole district ( 6 elders) taught almost 12 lessons in an hour. Then, we contacted with one of the young men in our ward who is preparing to go on a mission in about two months (absolute gospel stud). We ended the day with sports night and played frisbee and soccer with some of the branch!
Friday, June 5th:
We started the day with a lesson at 10 in the morning with one of our investigators (I’ll come back to this), and then we were out contacting about English, family history, and the gospel the rest of the day.
Saturday, June 6th:
we had another early morning lesson about 3 miles outside of Zlin, so we walked out there and they didn’t answer their door… So we walked back, and had a mini miracle contact with a former investigator we are meeting with tomorrow! Then, we had weekly planning, followed by seeding, and we ended the night with some ping pong at the Branch game night!
Sunday, June 7th:
was an awesome fast and testimony meeting. We had 20 people show up, which is about ten more than we normally have come, and the Spirit was powerful throughout the whole meeting. After Church we spent some time visiting with the members, and then we headed out to a lesson on the outside of Zlin. The lesson went really well, and I was able to speak the best Czech since I arrived here in Europe. After our lesson, we hiked out to where we seeded on Friday. It was about a four-mile walk  in the Czech Countryside, absolutely stunning! Then we tracted and turned in for call-ins.
All in all, an absolutely fantastic week! Now back to the two lessons we taught, I have never felt the Spirit more strongly in my life than during these two lessons we taught. The first one was with and investigator whose family had recently been baptized, but he was struggling to receive a spiritual answer about it. We decided to teach the Book of Mormon and the message of the Restoration to him again. During this lesson, he told us that he believed that God had given him the Book of Mormon and sent us to help him and his family find God. After he said these things, he burst into tears, and he began asking us what he was feeling? We were then able to teach him that it was the Spirit telling him that what he said was true. It was absolutely amazing.
Our other great lesson was with an investigator we have been teaching for awhile. When we first meet her, she was a complete atheist and heavy into smoking. Like I said before, we had a lesson with her on Friday, and that’s when we got a mini miracle. Before the lesson even started she said she believed there was a God and that she was starting to recognize his hand in her life. She had said a prayer asking for him to help her quit smoking two weeks ago, and since that prayer she hasn’t smoked once. Since then she has seen how God blesses her in the tiniest ways. From lines being short in the store, to a green light when she is in a hurry, she sees and believes that it is God giving her a hand.
The spiritual thought comes from this lesson we had on Friday. Gratitude is key!
This investigator had zero faith that God existed before this past week. Now she has a firm belief that He is there and that He cares about her individually. Her testimony is built upon her seeing the small and simple things that God has blessed her with in her life. I know that gratitude plays a part in my life as well. The days I forget to thank God for those things I have been given, have been the hardest days for me on my mission. However, if I stop and thank God for the cloud that hides me from the sun on a hot day or for the bus that we were able to just barely catch, my day becomes joyful and I look forward and embrace everything that comes my way. I know that as we live with grateful hearts and with thoughts of praise to our Father in Heaven, our burdens become light and the light of Christ fills us completely. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Happy Days,
Elder Page
PS-If y’all have an questions email them to my mom and she will forward them to me. Thanks!

Starší Page

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