Becoming more like the Savior is accomplished by making and keeping commitments

Another crazy week here in the Czech Republic! There is so much to tell all y’all!
-Tuesday, June 9:
I started off the week with a companion exchange! At 9 in the morning, I hopped on a bus and headed to U.H. with Elder Breyman, from Big Spring, Texas. He is fairly new to the mission as well, only arriving here a transfer before me. So, we were kind of worried about how we were going to be able to contact people, but that fear dissipated, as we went out and just worked. We actually surprised ourselves and doubled all of the goals we had set, and even committed an investigator to baptism. We both said prayers of gratitude that night.
-Wednesday, June 10:
I stayed the night in U.H., because we had district meeting that morning in U.H. After District meeting, we did some contacting with the whole district – which was really good. Then, Elder Yentes and I left U.H. and came back into Zlin and went to work. We contacted with the young men in the Branch again, and we found some amazing people that we have begun teaching.
-Thursday, June 11:
We finally got our tabling permit! So, we basically tabled all day on the town square. It was frightening at first because I was working all by myself, but after about an hour of being out I was able to get comfortable talking to people. It was crazy how many people we found while were tabling. I think we taught 10 lessons and set up 3 follow-up appointments in the 4 hours we were out. After tabling, we went to our Handicapped English Service. It has been an amazing experience working with the kids every single week and getting to know them better!
-Friday, June 12:
We taught lessons all day! We started teaching at 9:30 in the morning and we didn’t stop until 6 that night! We did have one breakthrough for lunch with probably one of my favorite people I have had the pleasure of meeting while on my mission. His name is P. and he is the one who provides us with computers to email on every week, as in he bought two computers for us and set them up in his business office to come use once a week. He is a super successful businessman, with the most amazing personality. He met the missionaries when he was 18 and never joined the church, but he told us that without those missionaries he met he wouldn’t be the success he is today. Anyway, he bought us lunch and told us some of the amazing things he has done.
-Saturday, June 13:
We tabled most of the day again, and we were able to see more amazing results! Then, we had a lesson with one of the members here followed by another game night of ping pong with the branch!
-Sunday, June 14:
It was strange, because it was the last Sunday of the transfer (I find out where I go this coming Friday), but we had church just like normal, and then we tracted the rest of the day. We found one miracle family with two kids about 2 and 4, and they basically talked with us for two minutes and then told us we needed to come back once a week, for about an hour, so we could teach them. There is the proof that the Lord prepares people!
Monday, June 15 (Today):
Since it was the last day of the transfer, we wanted to do something more adventurous then we had in the past. So, we asked one of our investigators, who works at the Zoo if we could go with her and she one-upped us. So, today we went to the Zlin Zoo (the best zoo in the Czech Republic), and it was absolutely amazing. Our investigator got us in for free and gave us the behind the scenes tour. We got to feed sting rays, monkeys, and some birds with just our hands! We also got to go see the bird training facility they have and play with some newly hatched Emus! The Zoo itself was absolutely gorgeous, and it had a castle inside of it that we were able to see as well. It was a pretty amazing day, and the best part of it all is that at the end we committed our investigator to baptism! My head is still spinning!
Now for a quick spiritual thought.
My thought this week is about missionary commitments, and why it is important that we use them. Now, most of us understand that it is important that investigators of the church make and keep commitments because without these commitments they are unable to grow and progress in the gospel. I realized that this is true for me, as a member as well. It is vital that I make and keep commitments every week. One quote, I believe helps explain this better comes from Hyrum Smith, who said (something along the lines of), “Every time we go to church, we should come out with a new set of commitments to work on the next week… If we don’t do this we don’t change… Our goal as members of the church is to become more like the Savior, if we aren’t changing and making commitments to God, we aren’t progressing, and therefore not meeting our goal.” This is a very rough quote, that I am pulling from memory, but it is one hundred percent true. We should always be trying to become more like the Savior, and that is accomplished by making and keeping commitments that help us come closer to living in perfect harmony with his commandments. I know that as we actively strive to change and become like the Savior, Heavenly Father will pour blessings upon our heads and we will be able to become “New Creatures in Christ”. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I hope you all have an amazing week!
Happy Days!
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