An increase in the strength of my relationship with my Father in Heaven

  P1000506    This week has been absolutely crazy as well, so I’ll get right into the weekly summary:
-Tuesday, June 16:
Wasn’t a super crazy day, in the sense of weird things happening, but we taught a ton of lessons! We did tabling again because it has been the most effective finding tool we have been able to use. A during our tabling hour, I was able to teach two lessons completely by myself in Czech (absolutely terrifying), and my trainer was able to teach three. One of the lessons I taught was an amazing experience for me because the person I was teaching went off on me about how church organizations were corrupt and some other stuff I didn’t understand. When he finished he started to walk away, the Spirit told me to teach about prophets. So I did, and I don’t know how I did it, but the man stayed and we talked for another twenty minutes about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Miracle. At the end of the day, we had our last English Class of the transfer. So, I played Jeopardy with my class, which was super fun because I had two of the investigators I have grown closest to in the class.
-Wednesday, June 17:
We started the day out with seeding in some homes outside of Zlin and then worked our way back into town contacting people along the way. Then, we did a little tabling, until 6. Now this next part has probably been the highlight of my mission . . . We taught the family we found last week! They are absolutely one of the most wonderful families I have ever met, and I love them to death. The lesson went wonderful, and we set up to meet with them next Monday (today, but more on that later).
-Thursday, June 18:
We had District Meeting, first thing in the morning. We had a great meeting/discussion on prayer (more on this in the spiritual thought); after that we went and got my first Czech McDonald’s meal! It was a mistake, and Elder Yentes and I felt super sick after… but you gotta do it at least once, right? After we recovered from our meal, we met up with K., the YSA who got his mission call to Germany. We taught with him for the rest of the night, until we had sports night at 6. We had two investigators who came and we passed an American football around for a bit. It made me feel a little better about my soccer skills, as I watched the Europeans trying to throw the football around.
-Friday, June 19:
Was an interesting day. K. stayed the night at a member’s house here in Zlin, so that he could drive us to a town about an hour outside of Zlin to contact a referral Church Headquarters sent us. (I told you he is a stud). So, we got there at 9 and the person wasn’t home, so we decided to go contacting in the town for an hour and then to try again. During that hour, we taught 8 lessons between the three of us! It was absolutely amazing how open the people were! Then, we returned to the home and gave the person a Book of Mormon and scheduled a follow-up visit. Next, we drove back into Zlin to get to work. We spent the rest of the day with K. teaching people on the street and helping a less active member move into their new apartment.
-Saturday, June 20:P1000501We did our studies like normal, and then at 11 we hopped on a train to head to Prague for district conference! Now, I don’t know how many of you I have told about my experience being kissed by the sweet elderly lady in our branch . . . . But, now you know! Well for the four-hour ride to and from Prague, Elder Yentes and I traveled with her as her travel companions. It was absolutely fantastic! She made us a cake, and we got to surprise her with a birthday gift we made for her! After we got to Prague, we went to the Saturday session of the Conference, where I was able to catch up with all of my MTC group, (except for Elder Oviatt). Then, we had our culture night, which was basically us just walking around Prague and taking pictures of everything! It then started raining so we ran back to the Office Elders’ apartment where we stayed for the night. While there, I got my transfer call! I get to stay in Zlin!!! I am super excited because I love all of the members here and all of the investigators we have are absolutely fantastic! My new companion is Elder Boyce, he is from California and has been out a year and a half.
-Sunday, June 21:
We woke up and went to the Sunday Session of the conference, which was absolutely amazing. Four hundred of the Czech members were able to come to it and the spirit was absolutely amazing. We even got to hear from Elder Kearon of the Quorum of the Seventy, again! After the conference, we all loaded back up in the train to head back to Zlin. This trip was especially fun, because, the lady from the branch wanted to sing all the way back, so we did. The three of us sang, almost all of the four hours back into Zlin. Ha! Ha! I love my mission!
-Monday, June 22 – (Today!):
My trainer (“Papi”) Elder Yentes left this morning at 7:50 to his new companion, and so I had to wait in the apartment until 1:30, until Elder Boyce arrived. . . . . .  It was the longest I have gone without someone with me since the MTC, and to be honest, I probably went a little crazy. I cleaned the entire apartment. Then, rearranged all the furniture. Then, then I just sat for three hours . . .
P1000502P1000505 (1)P1000503 (1)
until – Elder Boyce got here, and we got all of our P-Day stuff out of the way until we had our lesson with our family! We taught the Restoration and they loved it! Then on the way to our emailing place, we got caught in a crazy rainstorm that was literally falling down sideways…
And – yeah – that was my week!

Spiritual thought for the week, PRAYER.
This has been my topic of choice throughout all of this week, and I feel like I finally made a breakthrough that has changed the way I pray that I want to share with y’all. We often hear the things we should say in our prayers, such as opportunities to serve, give thanks, bless others, etc. These things are good, yes, great things to pray for, but I have found that at times my prayers feel slightly hollow as I pray about them. I remembered somewhere that we should pray from the heart. Curious, I began to study this at the beginning of the week and this is what I learned.
A prayer from the heart is a prayer said in honesty. It is a prayer that reflects the desires of the person’s heart and the concerns that they have. I applied this to my prayers this week, asking the Lord those about things that pressed upon my mind and worried me, in addition to the things we should pray for. As I have done this I have seen an increase in the strength of my relationship with my Father in Heaven. I know he wants to hear from us, and not just that, He wants to hear our desires and worries, in order so that He can reassure us  that he is there listening, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Happy Days!
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