Love for their friend gave them the determination to overcome obstacles

This past week was fairly normal, but we saw some great miracles with our work here. Here is the day by day run down:

Tuesday, July 14:
We started our day of with a morning run and some studies and then we were out the door. We did some surveys about prayer with people that we contacted on the street. It is amazing to hear all of the different experiences/thoughts people associate with prayer. After our surveys we had a lesson with a new investigator and a less active member. Both lessons went well. To finish our night we had our English Class which was a blast! We finished our cooking vocab and started to work on traveling vocab!
Wednesday, July 15:
We had District Meeting in the morning in Uherske Hradiste. It was great to visit with the Elders there and discuss the needs of our district. Afterwards, we went out tabling on the Town Square there. Then I had my second experience with the Czech Police (I’m not sure if I told y’all the first…)! But they just asked us if we had a permit, and unfortunately the UH Elders forgot to renew it. So, they had to pay a fine and we were escorted off the square! Exciting times, haha! Then, we had lunch and traveled back to Zlin. When we got back, we did some seeding and then we had our miracle lesson. I am not sure if I told y’all about the “Nut Shop Guys”, but I contacted them last transfer and they told us thew owned a nut and dried fruit shop. For the past two ish months we have gone their every Preparation Day to see if we could catch them and set up a lesson. Last week we caught them and set up a lesson for Wednesday. We had the lesson and the three of the came, and they brought three of their friends. We had a wonderful lesson with the six of them and they all wanted a Book of Mormon.
Thursday, July 16:
We did our studies in the morning and then we had a lesson with a less active member. However, the lesson went slightly array when she brought out coffee with coffee cake and insisted we eat it (the whole story of what unfolded is hilarious, but too long to type)… but the rest of the lesson went well. We did some street contacting afterwards, and then we finished our night of with another lesson with a new member.
Friday, July 17:
We found out that it was supposed to be super hot all of Friday, so we switched our schedule around. We did a large portion of our contacting in the morning right at 8, and found some amazing new people to teach. And then we did our studies after lunch, when everyone was hiding inside. Then we went back out side once we finished studies and contacted the rest of the day.
Saturday, JULY 18:
We were stuck in the apartment most of the day… My companion, Elder Boyce, got sick with something and couldn’t be away from the zachod (restroom) for more than 30 minutes at a time. So, we did our weekly planning and while he was running in and out of the bathroom, I did some extensive language study (and I gave many prayers of thanks that I wasn’t sick with whatever he had). Around 5 he got better and we tried contacting until 6, when we had game night. And that was our day.
Sunday, JULY 19:
Fairly normal Sunday, but we did have lunch with a investigator and his family after church. They made us some lovely Czech food and we taught probably the most powerful lesson I have been a part of on my mission. Afterwards, we went and tracted the rest of the day.
Today, JULY 20:
Nothing huge today, we have been busy getting ready for the week, but we do have something exciting planned for tonight. We found an investigator who was a foreign exchange student from Idaho Falls and lived with a member family there! He said he was happy to meet with us and was willing to come to church, if we would go to the gym with him on our P Days before our lessons. So, we will see how that goes!
This week’s spiritual thought comes from Mark.
There we find the story of a paralytic man who is by Christ (Mark 2:1-12). I would like to focus on his four friends who carried him unto Christ. These four friends loved their friend, and desperately wanted him to be made whole through the Savior. They agreed to place their friend upon a cot and to carry him unto Christ. When they arrived they realized there was too many people gathered around the building where the Savior was to get their friend to Christ. However, their love for their friend gave them the determination to overcome this obstacle. In the heat of the day, after carrying their friend a long distance, they got up on to the roof of the building and lowered their friend down to the Savior. Their efforts were not without reward, their friend was healed. Now, we notice that their names are not listed, nor are the even mentioned after they lowered their friend to the Savior, but their faith effort and hard work are what caused that miracle to happen. Imagine how great their joy was when they saw their friends healed, after all of their hard work. We all know people who are in need of the Savior’s healing love and mercy, and as we put forth our effort in lifting the corner of their beds, we will find unimaginable joy in our lives. I know that as we bring others unto Christ, we grow closer to him as well. We learn to love in such a way as Him. I know He has the power and ability to heal them and us as we forget ourselves and go to work. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I hope y’all have a great week!

Happy Days

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