I KNOW Heavenly Father not only hears, but ANSWERS our prayers

Dear Family and Friends,
This past week has been a whirlwind of travel and miracles. First off Tuesday!
Tuesday, August 11:
our started our day with the normal studies in the morning. Then we were out the door contacting for our English class. We had the craziest miracle (I’ll talk about it in my Spiritual Thought). Then, we had lunch followed by a solid day of contacting all over Zlin. We ended the day with English class, which was a blast, as always. I only had Z. come to my class this week so we talked about all the newest Divadlo plays he has seen recently.
Wednesday, August 12:
We got out the door early to get over to Uherske Hradiste for District meeting (last one of the transfer), and it was super good. After District meeting, we had companion exchanges, and I was able to go with Elder Shepard from Idaho Falls. We taught a P1000786quick lesson and then we went to lunch with the other Elders. After they headed back to Zlin, we got to work, and in the first 30 minutes we had the craziest thing happen. We contacted a young guy around the age of 24 and he said he was in a hurry to practice the organ, but said we could come with him. Figuring we could teach him a lesson we followed him, wondering where he could possibly find an organ to practice on. Then he took us into the main Cathedral in Uherske Hradiste and took us up to the overlook where the organ was. It was absolutely amazing, and what surprised us even more is that he is a young prodigy. So, he gave us a small concert and even let us try to play it. Afterward, we taught him a lesson and committed him to come to church. The rest of the day we were teaching like crazy and found tons of prepared people all over UH. At 8 we called it a night made some breakfast burritos and went to bed in the UH apartment.                            Velesrad Kostel
Thursday. 13:
Woke up in UH and had some good studies in the morning. then we got out the door and got contacting people right away. Then we had a lesson with probably the most interesting man of my life. His name was L. (I can’t remember his last name) and he is a multi-millionaire who owns a diamond company and Asian travel agency. The first part of the lesson was him showing us all of his pictures with various ambassadors from around the world. Once we got on track, we taught him a great lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon, and he committed to coming to church this week! Then we hopped on a bus and headed to Zlin for our Culture Night. We went to the Bata Museum which was pretty neat and then made homemade halusky for dinner. It was a crazy day – haha!
Friday, August 14:
Things returned to normal! Studies in the morning, followed by weekly planning, and contacting in the afternoon. Just a good solid day of work, and to end our day we met up with a new investigator and taught him about family history.
Saturday, August 15:
We started our day working out at the S. family home again, helping them replace the floor of another room. Then we had lunch and studies, followed be tracting panelaky the rest of the day!
Sunday, August 16:
Church was good as usual haha! And then we had correlation meeting with President V. after. And the rest of the day we tracted panelaky.
Today(Monday), August 17:
Got up at 4 in the morning to go to Prague for visa work! It was super fun though because we were able to go up with J. and talk about his baptism! He said he doesn’t think he is going to be able to this week because some of his family is out of town, but it is a sure thing the week after! It was great being able to speak to him and get to know him even better. Then, I met up with my MTC group in Prague which was a great time! Visa work went well, and after we hoped on a train back to Zlin, and now I am emailing y’all!
– – –
So, spiritual thought this week is about the crazy miracle we had on Tuesday.
It all started the Sunday before when I was studying the scriptures and I decided to look up the topical guide definition of “Ask”. Skipping over to the section that includes Book of Mormon references, I realized it gives us a basic process to ask Heavenly Father for a special favor. We should
“Ask Him in faith” (1 Ne. 15:11),
with “sincerity of heart” (Mosiah 4:10),
and if we ask “not amiss) (2 Nephi 4:35).
So, I decided to put it to the test.
                                                                                                                                                            (A fun picture of my desk)
P1000892I spent last Monday pondering over what I should ask of my Heavenly Father and decided that night to pray and ask for us to find one person on Tuesday who was eager and excited to be baptized. I prayed more earnestly than I think I ever had, and then went to bed. In the morning, when I woke up I asked again for that one person, and I asked one more time after studies before we began contacting.
So, we went out and had hardly any success during the two-hour block. It was hot, people weren’t talking to us, and we were ready for lunch. However, we felt a small prompting to go for a little bit longer and then it happened. We were English class contacting, so we asked a lady, named Martha, who was walking by us if she would be interested in an English class. And she responded with perfect pronunciation, yes. It caught us slightly off guard, and before we knew what was happening she asked, “You are Mormons, right?”. We said yes, and she continued on to say        how her family in Guatemala are members, and how she has been asking them if the church was in the Czech Republic. Before we could say anything she said, “I think it would be good for me to join your church, how can I do it?” Elder Boyce and I were struck dumb for a couple seconds before we could respond and say that we baptize people and that it is our purpose here to help people in that way. She quickly said she would love to meet and asked if she could come to church. We gave her our address, and then she ran off with a smile and a wave.
I just want to testify that I know Heavenly Father not only hears, but answers our prayers. I know that He loves us and will provide us with any righteous desire we ask of Him. I know with him all things are possible, as we chose to put our trust in Him, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I hope you all have an amazing week!
Happy Days,


Starší Page

Culture night with the district!

Right Elder Shepard
Middle Elder Boyce
Left Elder Gier
Cooking tortillas!
P1000865 Weird Vytah (Elevator?) picture

One thought on “I KNOW Heavenly Father not only hears, but ANSWERS our prayers

  1. I had a fun little miracle experience this week too! This life is so amazing! I had a young lady from Idaho Falls come to my house who is an interior designer. She went into one of my rooms that has missionary photographs from Steven and Camille. She asked me where they served and I told her, Steven in Toronto, Canada and Camille in Athens, Greece. Then of course, I had to tell her about my wonderful grandson serving in the Czech Republic. She got so excited! She told me that she served in the Czech Republic and she loved her mission! She told me how to pronounce all kinds of words I was pronouncing wrong, like Ziln. She told me of the amazing town squares where my Starsi is tabling. She also sang lots of primary songs in the streets. She wants Starsi Page to check up on some people for her. Now I can get her this blog and maybe she can see what’s happening in that foreign land she loves too! She told me to tell my Starsi Page she says “ahoj.” Im sure we’ll have names for him to check up on in the next week or so.
    Ahoj, from me too dear grandson Starsi Page,
    Grandma Dawn


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