Look Up for this Moment . . . Have a Bigger Vision

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week has been crazy! We traveled a ton and on top of it all I’ve been assigned a new area! So here is the day by day.
Tuesday, August 18:
We did normal studies in the morning, and then we began our special task that President V. assigned us. To contact about 20 less active members in the Zlin area. So, most of our day was spent hustling around Zlin trying to find the people on our list. It was super fun, though. It was raining, so, we got a break from the heat, and I got to see a lot of the places in Zlin I had never been to before.
Wednesday, August 19:
Once again, studies in the morning, and then we got out and worked. We did some contacting, surveying, and tracting, until about 5 we had a lesson with an investigator named M. at our church building. Then we ran to another investigator’s home and taught him a lesson there. That was pretty much our day.
Thursday, August 20:
We got up at 5 in the morning to catch a bus to Brno for training! I got to go into the District and Zone Leader meeting for Zlin, which was exciting. Then, we had training which was absolutely amazing as usual. I love the McConkie family so much! After training, we got on the bus with the UH Elders and headed back to Zlin. When we got back Elder Shepard gave J. his baptismal interview, and he passed! He wasn’t baptized this past Saturday though because he has one or two things he wants to sort out before his baptism.  Then, we gathered with all the branch to have a get together for Brother Heath, who is a missionary who served here two years ago. It was a great time. Then, we went back to the apartment with the UH Elders and called it a night.
Friday, August 21:
We worked most of the day running around trying to find the rest of the less active members that President Vecere wanted us to find. And after we finished, we went tracting.
Saturday, August 22:
We studied in the morning and then we ran to the store to get food for lunch, but when we got back we were locked out… We had our keys, but Elder Boyce had left the spare set of keys in the door and I forgot check if they were there when we left.. So, we waited about 20 minutes for someone to come open it for us, haha. During that time, we got our transfer calls! Elder Boyce found out he is going to be staying in Zlin and training a new missionary, and I was assigned to go to Jihlava! I am super excited! Then, we got into the apartment and weekly planned, followed by a quick hour of work. Towards the end the night we had game night with the Branch, and we did the normal Zlin things, Ping-Pong and Card games!P1000917P1000911
Sunday, August 23:
We went to church and I got to give my farewell testimony. After church, I took pictures with all the members, and then we headed home to pack and figure out all of the travel plans for Monday. After we finished all that, we went out and tracted and contacted until it was time for bed.
Sunday – GOOD BYES!
Today, Monday, August 24: 
So, I got up at 5 and hopped on a bus to Jihlava! I got here around 11 and met my new companion, Elder Bourne! We ran my stuff to the church building, where we met up with the Sisters that serve here and some of the members for a birthday lunch for one of the YSA. And that’s it for today!
– – – –
There are so many different things I could talk about from this week, it’s hard to just pick one…
But I loved the thoughts that President McConkie shared during training. I don’t have a lot of time to explain the whole thing.. but the main thought was this.
Have a bigger vision. Look up for this moment in time. Look above the trials you are facing, the pain you are experiencing, and the sorrow you are feeling,  and see the big picture. We are children of a Heavenly Father who loves us, more than we can know, and he has provided us a way to conquer sin and death. If we live our lives to the best of our abilities we will return to him with our families, and we will find happiness and joy beyond description. I know that as I have looked up for the hard days on my mission and looked at how it is just but a moment in the scheme of all things, I have found peace within myself. It cannot be robbed by a bad contact or rude person on the street because I know that despite all those things it will be ok in the end. I know our Heavenly Father loves us, that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to provide us a way to be freed from sin, and I know that we can return to him. In the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer, amen.
I hope y’all have a great week!
Happy Days,
Starší Page
P1000904 (1)
Elder Esser is going home this week.
I cooked spaghetti squash.
A fry vending machine.

One thought on “Look Up for this Moment . . . Have a Bigger Vision

  1. Reading about “the big picture” I found myself reflecting on my life. We are all in this experience together and yet we don’t understand what is going on in the life of another. We can’t. We all have our own secret chasms. That is our challenge. I’m so happy to see you learning this early in life. These are some things I’ve learned.

    I don’t know what you’re going through….
    I remember the morning I got the phone call my father had passed. It was long after the mortuary had arrived and I wanted to get there before he was removed from his home. I was alone and in a hurried panic, tears were streaming down my face, and somewhere in that experience another driver gave me a gesture to indicate his disdain towards me. In my sorrow I thought, “You don’t know me. My daddy just died.” I have remembered that experience in my life when I have felt myself getting irritated with someone; maybe you just lost someone you love, maybe you’re hurting, maybe you’re alone, maybe you’re scared. I don’t know what’s happened to you. I can’t. In the end all we can do is choose to be kind. And then again, maybe they’re just rude…. but I know there’s probably a story there too.

    Why am I annoyed….
    Sometimes, the things that annoy us about other people are the very things we need to work on the most. For example, maybe we have a habit of being late. We get annoyed when someone else arrives late. We think they’re rude. We see them as disruptive. The ones who arrived on time aren’t annoyed. They have already started and they are enjoying a wonderful experience. They gave no notice to the latecomer. We are often annoyed by the things we need to change within ourselves.

    Hey! I’m comfortable here…
    We are always the most comfortable around those that are the most like ourselves. No one is asking us to change. Expectations are established. Most of us don’t like change and we want to stay where we are. When someone starts poking into our cozy nest and asking questions it’s bound to get uncomfortable real fast! There will be revolt when the status quo is challenged. There’s a high probality that someone might shout – get out! There might be harsh words and someone might start throwing things. We all need our status quo poked fairly often. It’s not anger towards you…. it’s all about them.

    Happiness is attractive….
    We are sensitive to others emotions. We are attracted to those that are happy and kind. We bask in the light of a happy person and snuggle into the comfort of their love. We feel safe and secure. We know we can count on them. Just look at this young mans face! Isn’t he glowing? Doesn’t he look happy and kind? There he is living life to its fullest measure; learning, teaching, loving, serving. Isn’t this a great example of a life being well lived even in the face of difficulty?

    You are a lighthouse….
    Most of us blend into everyone else around us and go about day to day without much notice. However, you Starsi Page are different. By the very clothes you wear you stand out. You are a lighthouse in the fury of the storm. A bright beacon in a world of chaos. You are an example of what is good, and right and true in this world. You give us hope in the future. We love you! Come what may just remember to be kind and happy. Some will see your light and Christ will smile.
    With hugs,
    Carry on,
    Grandma Dawn


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