It is wholly upon His merits . . .

Dear family and friends,

I have had an amazing first week here in Jihlava. There have been so many miracles and blessings. Here is this week’s day by day:

Tuesday, August 25:

We had a normal start to our day, you know: running – in the forest near our apartment, breakfast, studies, followed by some lunch. Then we went out and contacted like crazy! We did surveys, building tours, English invitations, and it was super successful. We ended up teaching six lessons on the street and finding two people that said they’d like to meet up some time! We ended the night with English, which was great, as usual.

Wednesday, August 26:

It was a normal start to our day, again. Then, we had another super contacting day, where we basically did surveys for 5 hours and taught even more lessons on the street. It was awesome! We ended the night with some more building tours and our family history class, which was a lot of fun to help out with.

Thursday, August 27:

We traveled to Trebich with the sisters for District Meeting, which was great! It was especially fun because Elder Terry from my MTC group is serving there. This is our second transfer where we have served in the same district! After our meeting, we got lunch and rode the train back into Jihlava, where we got to work contacting people and making calls. We ended our night with a lesson with a less active member. The miracle of the day: We ran into a less active member that nobody had seen in about six months, on the street, and set up a time to meet with him.

Friday, August 28:

Normal start again. Then it got crazy as we got a hold of a former investigator who said we could meet him at the gym… So, we went to the gym with him and taught him a lesson while we worked out together. And, it went super well! He committed to coming back to church regularly and to start working towards baptism with us! After he left, we stayed in the gym a bit and tried what we have dubbed “Gym Contacting”, and it worked really well! We got 2 new investigators and taught another lesson. Ha-ha, it was definitely a new form of missionary work for me, though! We then changed and contacted the rest of the day until sports night, where we went and played soccer with some of the branch members!

Saturday, August 29:

We did service most of the day with an investigator named M. He owns a huge farm. So, we helped him roll hay bales to the sheep and deer enclosures he had, fended off the ostriches he owns – as he fixed the fence, and fed the llamas. Then, we went back to his home where we helped him clean out his barn. Next they fed us some great homemade Czech food. My companion and I just about died, because they just kept bringing us more food. After all that, we went and had family night at the building with the youth!

Sunday, August 30:

I am once again playing piano for the branch here in Jihlava, and I love it haha. Definitely wishing I took those lessons more seriously when I was younger though ha-ha! Church was great! The members are all solid and we had our friend from the gym come. After church, we just contacted and tracted!

Monday, August 31:

Shopping for the week and haircuts… That’s it so far ha-ha!

– – –

So, this week I have been focusing my studies on the Atonement, and I made a tiny breakthrough I thought I would share this week.

We learn that for every good act we do we receive a blessing, and for every sin we perform we receive a punishment. They don’t cancel each other out. An example of this today is if a person were to donate $10,000 to a charity and then rob a bank for $100 he would still go to jail. He has to receive his punishment. The punishment we receive when we sin is eternal separation from our Heavenly Father because no unclean thing can dwell in his presence. Because our good acts don’t allow us to avoid our punishments, there is no way for us to overcome the price of sin. We need a Savior. Someone who lived a perfect life and was capable of taking upon himself all of the pain and sorrow we would experience if we were punished. Jesus Christ took upon him the penalties of our sins. He experienced the agony of the pain each one of us would feel if we were separated from our Heavenly Father. Without him, we wouldn’t have a chance. I know and am eternally grateful for the sacrifice he made for me, and I know that it is wholly upon his merits that I am saved. In the name of our loving Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, amen.

I hope y’all have a great week!

Happy Days!

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