He doesn’t give stones. He only gives bread.

Dear Family and Friends,

P1000949This past week has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, but, overall it has been amazing! And the work here in Jihlava is moving forward!

Here is the day by day:


Tuesday, September 1:

Was a normal day. We got up, worked out, got ready, and started studies. Then, we went out and were contacting around the Namesti for most of the day, until we contacted with the Sisters for our English class around 4. Then we had English at 6, which went super well! I love teaching English and the questions that the Czech’s ask us are hilarious. We mainly talked about different types of Czech jokes. After the lesson, we had one of the younger students ask if we could teach him about what came after this life. SO, that was awesome. We taught him the whole Plan of Salvation and Restoration. The Spirit was so strong during the lesson and he said he wants to start working towards baptism! So yeah, Tuesday was great!


Wednesday, September 2:

We had district meeting in Jihlava! We all meet up in the morning and before District Meeting we went out and did Family History contacting on the Namesti, followed by District Lunch afterward. Then we had our District Meeting, after which the Trebic Elders headed home and we contacted until dinner.


Thursday, September 3:

Started with a normal morning schedule, and then we did contacting the rest of the day in the forest / park part of Jihlava. At 5, we had Family Home Evening with the youth in the Branch, which was a blast! We played Monopoly and sang! Then after that we had a lesson with a new investigator we found, named Vojta, that ended up being most of our day!


Friday, September 4:

We had studies and weekly planning in the morning followed by a singing display! What we did for it was, one Sister and I sang on the Namesti, while our companions contacted people. Haha, a little bit out of my comfort zone, but it was still super good, and we found some great new people! Then after that we contacted, until 5 when had a lesson with a member named Jonas, followed by Sports Night at 6, where we played football (soccer again). It was a great time, but the Europeans are way better at football than us missionaries… Still Loved it, though!


Saturday, September 5:

We had a service day with M. again on his farm, and we helped him work on his barn again and feed some of his animals. It was a great time. Then, after that we contacted the rest of the day until we had dinner!


Sunday, September 6:

We had church and I was able to bless the sacrament for the first time in Czech, which was an awesome experience. Then, after we visited families in the ward, to get to know them, we started tracting around 6, and that was our day!


Today, September 7:

Just normal P-Day stuff. Nothing too exciting yet.

– – – –

So this week, while full of amazing and wonderful experiences has been rather difficult for me and Elder Bourn.


We had an investigator pass away this last Sunday and it has left us with holes in our hearts, wondering why something like this would happen. I wanted to share this story with you all because I think it has been one of the greatest testimony building experiences I have had, which has taught me that our Father in Heaven only gives good gifts.


Now, the first time we meet her was two weeks ago (my first week in Jihlava). We had been contacting most of the day and we felt prompted to turn down an alleyway, so we did, and all we saw was one lady walking towards us. So, we stopped her and began talking to her. She mentioned she was in a hurry to the hospital, but when we mentioned we were missionaries sent here to talk about Christ she stopped and asked us to tell her how she could come to know the Savior. We explained that we could come to know him through the Book of Mormon and prayer. That led to a lesson on the street lasting over one hour. At the end of it she said she had to go, but that she wanted to meet up, so we exchanged numbers, and went on our ways. But no sooner had we began to walk way we felt prompted to turn around and offer her a Book of Mormon, so we chased her down and gave her one. After a couple of days we hadn’t heard anything from her, then we got a phone call from her. She had read the whole Book of Mormon and knew that it was true! She wanted to meet, so we asked her when she had time, and then she paused. That is when she told us that earlier the doctors had told her she only had several months to live. Not knowing what to say, we offered the best support we could, and read some of the Book of Mormon with her over the phone. After that, we texted her everyday to see how she was doing and she always said fine, and that she was excited to meet with us again. Then, she got suddenly worse and was taken to Prague for surgery. Then we got a text from her late Friday night telling us to continue our work and that we were doing what the Lord wanted. And after that we didn’t hear from her again. Until we got a call from her daughter saying she had passed away. When we heard we both felt terrible, wondering how such a wonderful person, who wanted to learn the gospel could be taken from the world so suddenly. I still feel a little punched in the gut thinking about it. After the pain subsided, I began to realize what an amazing miracle it was. What were the chances of us finding her just minutes before she went to the hospital? The Lord guided us there to comfort her and support her during that time she needed Him most. She told us repeatedly how the Book of Mormon gave her more strength and peace each time she read it in her hospital bed. I know that despite the tragedy she faced, that the Lord did not leave her comfortless, in her hour of need he sent us. He comforted her with his word and with his Spirit. I know he loves us. He does all he can to care for us. Like it says in Matthew 7:9 – He doesn’t give stones. He only gives bread.

I know he lives. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


I hope you all have a great week!


Happy Days!

Starší Page

Starsi Page & Starsi Bourn

Stasi Bourn got trapped outside . . .

there was no handle on the other side of the door – haha!


Starsi Bourn

Homemade Mac & Cheese




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