“Do I truly love Christ and Heavenly Father?”

Dear Family and Friends,
I feel like I was just literally writing you a day ago! This week has gone by crazy fast and I can’t believe I have been in Jihlava for almost a month already! Here is the day by day:
Tuesday, September 8:
Was pretty much a normal day. We contacted in the morning and afternoon. Then we had our English Classes to end our day, which was a blast! We probably had the largest English Classes I have been a part of yet with about 15 people including members who came! After the class, we taught a lesson to some of the people who stayed after about the Plan of Salvation. And then we chatted on the way home with a one of the students, in the class, who just got back from Russia. So, all in all pretty good day!
Wednesday, September 9:
Was also a normal day. Contacting around the city looking for people to teach. We didn’t have a lot of successes, but at the end of the day we were doing building tours and we met an amazing man named P. who was super prepared to meet us. After that, we taught a family history course, and then we ran home to make dinner for us, two members, and the Sisters. We ate it outside and had a good time with the members who came!
Thursday, September 10:
Was not a normal day… Haha, we got up at 5 to catch a bus to Prague, so I could go on an exchange with Elder P1000960Karioliegn. (I probably spelled it wrong..). He is an awesome missionary from Finland and we had the craziest day! We taught basically all day, sprinting in and out of the metro to get to lessons on time! I don’t even really know how to start describing that day…
Friday, September 11:
I woke up in Prague, and Elder Karioliegn and I went for a Prague morning run through the tourist areas, whi
ch was sweet. Then we went to the McConkies home and helped the kids get ready for school and then took them there. We then drove back to Jihlava and ended the exchange. Next we contacted until we went to M. where everything went kind of crazy and we ended up helping him dress two rabbits and a sheep. I didn’t really understand what was going on , haha. After that, we had our sports night, where we played soccer again. And then we went and got Birthday Kebabs with two of the members who came to sports night!
Saturday, September 12:
We did more service at M. helping him clean out his P1000972barn, make food for his animals, and move animal feed into the barn loft. After service, we had weekly planning, followed by a couple hours of tracting and seeding.
Sunday, September 13:
We had Church, as normal. Nothing too eventful, other than Elder Bourn and I teaching Priesthood and Young Men’s. Then we were contacting / tracting the rest of the day!
Today, September 14:
We went to a small city named Telc with our district, and just kind of poked around it. And now we are emailing! (This is a picture of Telc.)
P1000975– – –
So, I don’t have a lot of time to write this week, but I wanted to share just a brief thought I have had this past week.
Lately, I have been studying in the New Testament about what the Savior has done for all of us, and I finished reading in John, where Christ asks Peter if he loves him. This made me ask myself, “Do I truly love Christ and Heavenly Father”. I began asking myself what it means to truly means to love Christ, and I am sure it is more elegantly said somewhere else, but this is what I have found it to be. To love Heavenly Father and Christ means to have faith in him and his sacrifice for us. This means we need to have faith that by keeping his commandments and believe that by doing so, we will find the most happiness in our lives and in our lives to come. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Hope y’all have a great week!
Happy Days,
Starší Page

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