“Go back out and keep trying . . . “

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been fairly normal… Not good or bad just a good week of solid missionary work! And I apologize because I don’t have a ton of time to write today, but here is the day by day!
Tuesday, September 15:
Was pretty much exactly like last Tuesday, we contacted from 12 until 6, and we were able to teach 10 lessons! It was definitely a miracle for us. Then we had our English class which only grew from last week’s class, pushing around twenty people. And after English we were able to talk to several of the new people and teach them about the gospel!
Wednesday, September 16:
We had District meeting here in Jihlava, which was good as always! And the rest of the day we contacted, did building tours, and taught Family History!
Thursday, September 17:
Was fun! We had service in the morning followed by our Branch correlation meeting, and we spent the rest of the day contacting around Jihlava. Then we had family home evening with the Youth in the Branch, and we played Monopoly! Then we had three lessons after family home evening until 9, when we ran home.
Friday, September 18:
We basically contacted the whole day in the rain until sports night, where we all played soccer in the rain until the lightning scared us all away!
Saturday, September 19:
We had service in the morning, and the rest of the day we had weekly planning and tracting!
Sunday, September 20: Was great! I gave my first talk in all Czech which was pretty exciting, and it went super well! I also was able to help with the music and teach Young Men’s. Super busy haha! After we contacted and tracted the rest of the day!
Today, Monday, September 21:

Studies and cleaning!

– – –
So, this weeks spiritual thought is on obedience.
This week I gained a strong testimony of when you do exactly what the Lord ask and you wP1000980ill receive blessings. On Tuesday during or 6-hour contacting block we got all of our lessons in the last hour and a half. The first 4 and a half hours, there was not one person who talked to us. And around the fourth hour we almost went inside figuring it was more effective for us to do calls. But right after we walked inside we both felt the need to go back out and keep trying, and for our obedience we were blessed. I know that as we do what we are supposed to the Lord blesses us with our righteous desires. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I hope you all have a great week!
Happy Days!
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My Companion – Elder Bourn

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