This week has been a blur.

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week has been a blur… Here is the day by day.
Tuesday, October 20:
We had training in Brno so most of our day was traveling back and forth. But it was a great training, and I learned so much from it!
Wendsday, October 21:
We were out working in the morning until we went to our culture night in Trebič! We were able to tour an old Jewish Synagoge and cemetary!
Thursday, October 22:
We had weekly planning in the morning, worked in the afternoon, and Family Home Evening at the end of the day!
Friday, October 23:
We traveled to Prauge for my Visa work, which took the whole day, but it was wonderful to be in Prauge and be able to see everzone from my MTC group.
Saturday, October 24:
We had service, dinner with an investigator, and then we got our transfer calls!
Sunday, October 25:
We had church, and then we met with members until about 5. When we started packing!
Today!, October 26:
So for transfers, I am staying in Jihlava and Elder Bourn is being moved to Plzen! In addition to that, I will be follow up training Elder Dean! So, I helped Elder Bourn get on his way to Plyen and then I went and picked up Elder Dean, and now I am emailing y’all!
Sorry, I don’t have a ton of time to email today! But thank you all for your support!
Love you all!
Starší Page

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