I am starting to really understand . . .

Dear family and friends,

I apologize for the wimpy emails as of late . I’ve been busy adjusting to being a follow-up trainer, and it has left me with little time to prepare emails. But, oh man, this past two weeks have been crazy. They have been the most difficult, painful, yet beautiful and miraculous weeks of my mission. I have never felt closer to the Lord. Here is the day by day:
Tuesday, November 3:
We contacted all morning and found three amazing new investigators who agreed to come to church. Then we had a lesson with a less active member that went super well. We ended the day with our English class, and for the first time I taught the beginners class! It was a little stressful trying to teach English grammar in Czech, but it all worked out.
Wednesday, November 4:
We had district meeting in Trebic, which means we were on a train traveling there and back most of the day. But, we taught our Family History Class that evening which was great.
Thursday, November 5:
We had an amazing day of finding. Six new people! Then we had family home evening with the youth in our branch, and we played Czech monopoly.
Friday, November 6:
We tried contacting in the morning and didn’t have a lot of success, but we found one person that we contacted about baptism and they said they wanted to learn more! Then, we were supposed to have game night, but no one came so we went out street contacting and ran into three of our potential investigators and they all said we could meet up!
Saturday, November 7:
We weekly planned so most of day was spent in the apartment studying, but when we finally go out the door we were able to meet some amazing people, and we worked stuff out with the school system here in Jihlava so we can give presentations in the Highschools!
Sunday, November 8:
Was absolutely crazy… I was blessed to be able to play the piano, give a talk, and then teach both the young men’s class and priesthood. And it all went great! I definitely had help from the Lord that day. After church, we had some great success contacting and finding people to teach.
Today, November 9:
Nothing much yet. We’ve done studies, finding, and now emailing!
Some of you have emailed and asked how the language is coming, and it is going great! I am getting to the point where I almost understand everything, and if I don’t understand I typically get the gist of it.  I am starting to really understand the grammar so speaking has become way easier. Czech, has also become my obsession, I love speaking it, and I thank the Lord every day for his help in learning it. A cool side note is that Czech and Russian are closely related, so I can typically listen to someone speaking Russian and understand it. the gift of tongues is so cool!
I hope you all have a great week!
Happy Days,
Elder Page

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