He has placed me there to be “cleansed”, to grow stronger, more capable, and that He does it for my good.


Dear Family and Friends,
This past week has been great!
Tuesday: We just went out to work as usual trying to contact anyone who would listen, and then we had our English class which was pretty great, we had several new people there which was nice. And to finish our night, we went to dinner with the others to start our exchange.
Wednesday: Elder Geier officially started our exchange and had a great time contacting all over Olomouc. We saw a lot of success and had a great time! We then ended the exchanges and got back to it.
Thursday: Was a another great day of just getting out the door and working! Elder Smith did our best to squeeze the most of our last couple days together, and it really paid off. We end the night with a game night with all the YSA.
Friday: We went to Brno for training, and it was awesome! Sister McConkie gave a great training on body language and President McConkie blew us away with an amazing training about the prophet Joseph Smith. Oh! And we found out who our next mission president is! His name is Jan Pohorelicky and he is from here in the Czech Republic! Everyone is super excited for this wonderful news!
Saturday: We weekly planned and had a lesson with E., and the best part was that she picked her baptismal date! Right now she is planning on April 16, and we are so excited for her! To end the night we had our culture night, and we went and watched a play called “The Tempest” by Shakespeare, which was amazing, even if it was a little hard to understand in Czech. Oh! And we got our transfer calls! I’ll be staying in Olomuc training once again, and Elder Smith will be heading to Zlin! I am going to miss him, he is a good one.
Sunday: We had church and Elder Smith said his goodbyes, and then we spent the rest of the day packing him up to go.
Today: We sent Elder Geier and Elder Smith on their ways, and then Elder Swink started getting ready for this next transfer!
So, my spiritual thought this week comes from a quote I heard a bit ago, and it goes as such “God sometimes takes us into troubled waters… Not to drown us, but to cleanse us.” I know that during my life when I have found myself in troubled waters I have often wondered why God has created this torrent around me, but now I know that he has never done to simple test me or see if I will make it. Rather he has placed me there to be “cleansed”, to grow stronger, more capable, and that he does it for my good. I know he only gives us “good gifts” and that all these things are for our experience in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Have a great week!
Happy Days,

Elder Page


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