There can be no denial of his powerful influence and divine character once we have learned . . .


Dear family and friends,
So the day by day:
Monday(last week): I was with Elder Sweink and Vickers all day getting ready for the next transfer until we had family home evening with the Bowens at 7, but then we had to leave a tad bit early to go give a blessing to a member who got quite sick that night, which was a great experience.
Tuesday: We did our normal studies in the morning followed, and then I got on a train and traveled over to Praha for trainers training (Round 2). It was a great experience for several reasons. One we got to be with the McConkies for a while which is always amazing, two I got to see all of the sisters in my group because they are all training as well, and three Praha is just amazing in general. But after training we went to dinner with the McConkies and took a short Praha walk.
Wednesday: We got up and had breakfast with the McConkies and got our new companions! I am with an Elder Trythall from Roseville, CA. He is a great guy, and I am looking forward to getting to know better the next couple months. After that we caught a train back to Olomouc and went to work with a lesson with a new investigator and with E. (which went splendidly).
Thursday: We had district meeting and we talked about the importance of church attendance, and made a goal as a district that we were going to invite everyone to church. Then the rest of the day we were out contacting and we met some absolutely amazing people, all of them ultra prepared. And we ended our day with game night.
Friday: We had a lesson with a recent convert named L. with the Bowens that went well. Then we went and got lunch with her and the other Elders. Following that we met back up with E. and had a lesson with her that also went great. We then went out and hit the cobblestones again, and once again had another day full of amazing people!
Saturday: We weekly planned, and then traveled to Brno for District Conference. It was great being able to see everyone in the Zone (most of my MTC group is in the BRNO Zone now) and catch up with member friends who came.
Sunday: We got up early and traveled with E. to the second portion of District Conference in Brno, and had a great time. I think it was great for E. to be there and mingle with all of the members. After that we took a Sunday walk with her and talked about the gospel, and it was amazing to talk to her and see how it has been changing her life. I feel so blessed to have a  small part in her conversion.
Today: We got up did groceries, studies, and cleaning, and now we are emailing. However, after emailing today we will be going on a short trip with E. to find a place for her baptism! Best day trip ever!
This week has been amazing, probably one of the best of my mission. E. is doing amazing, we have 5 people who have committed to come to church next week, a new investigator every day of the week, and the Spirit has been abundant. I believe a lot of the blessings I have received have come from my personal study topic of the week, which is the Prophet, Joseph Smith. Following President McConkies last training on the great prophet, I decided I wanted to gain a greater witness and testimony of his role in these latter days. As a result, I have studied the history of the church, specifically of the prophet, more in depth and more attentively than I have ever in my life. As I did so I felt full of the Spirit as I learned and read. This Spirit came with me as I went out on the street and began telling the story of the Prophet Joseph Smith to anyone who would listen. As we went out more people stop and were touched by the Spirit as I related the story to the and told them that like Joseph Smith they could as well receive spiritual answers in there lives.
I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, that he translated the Book of Mormon, and that he restored God’s Church on the Earth today. There can be no denial of his powerful influence and divine character once we have learned of his life of service. I am so thankful for the restored truths he brought about, for removing the barrier between God and man, that we might once again be brought into the light. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I hope you all have an amazing week!
Happy Days,
Starší Page
– image Smith Farm in Palmyra, New York

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