What more can be said then “Hallelujah”?

Dear family and friends,
So this week has been a whirlwind… But it has also been so amazing! Here you go:
Tuesday, March 15: Was pretty quick, we did our studies, a little bit of finding, and then we went to Brno for exchanges! It was sweet because I was able to come back to Olomouc with Elder Tingey, one of my MTC companions! When we got back into Olomouc we taught English and had dinner with the other Elders.
Wednesday, March 16: We had normal studies, and then we were out the door working! It was such a great time being able to work with Elder Tingey, we found some of the most interesting people I have ever met on my mission with him and to end the day we swapped back.
Thursday, March 17: We had District Meeting, where we talked about how we can be better at extending commitments with love, patience, and promised blessings. And the Bowen’s were kind enough to make us up a tasty lunch. After that, we ran over to the church building to give an intro to Mormonism Class to the Theological Faculty students here in Olomouc which went well and was great fun.  To finish off the night, we had game night with the YSA here in Olomouc.
Friday, March 18: We finally had a relatively normal day. We studied in the morning and contacted on the streets until we had a lesson with E., where we talked about her conversion story and read out of the Book of Mormon with her.
Saturday, March 19: We had P-Day because on Monday we were going to be in Brno for training. So we took advantage of the situations and got all of our shopping, studying, and cleaning done early on in the day, went to lunch with an investigator named D., and then, best of all, we went to the Circus with L., which was SO COOL. It blew my mind! So that was the highlight of the day. After that we went had looked at the celebrations stuff they had set up on the town square for Easter, and then to what we call “The Tower” for an all you can eat Chinese buffet for dinner. All in all a good day.
Sunday, March 20: Church was fun, we had some visitors who were drinking wine during sacrament meeting. I was able to give a talk, and we had the coolest Gospel Principles lesson ever – where everyone was crying. Then we had lunch before we went out contacting, until we went and had dinner with Bowens and the YSA. It was an amazing experience.
Monday, March 21: We traveled to Brno for training with President, and as always it was amazing. For the first time in my mission, I was able to see almost everyone in my group at a training which was a cool experience. I also got to see Elder Smith again, which was pretty fun. After that, I had interviews with President McConkie which went great, and then we traveled back to Olomouc. When we got back, we went to Family Home Evening with a family in the branch here, and then we went to Family Home Evening with the Youth. So it was kind of a whirlwind of a day.
Today, Tuesday, March 22: Normal so far, but we did find an amazing family who told us they were looking to be baptized! Literally on the street, they said they wanted to! So that was cool, we showed them the church and they said they’d come one Sunday!
But yea that was my crazy week!
So the spiritual thought this week is on Easter, and this small video:(https://www.mormon.org/easter?cid=HP_SU_3-13-2016_dMIS_fSPC_xLIDyL1-A_) Oh how grateful I am for our Savior through whom all pain and suffering is healed, and through whom all will live again. What more can be said then “Hallelujah”? In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Have a great week!
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