For with him, a day well lived will always make yesterday a happy memory and tomorrow a vision of hope.

Dear Family and Friends,
First and foremost, transfers are today! I will be staying here in Olomouc follow-up training Elder Cardon. We don’t have a ton of time today because we will be running around getting him his tram pass and all of those other wonderful things you need when you come into a new city. However, here is a quick run through of last week.
Wednesday, April 27:
We visited some of the less active members of the branch to see if we could do some service for them and then contacted until we had our first family history course here in Olomouc! It went ok, but we are definitely going to need to find some more people for it.
Thursday, April 28:
We had studies first thing in the morning, then a brief stint of contacting in the parks here in Olomouc. After meeting some awesome students, we went to Ellie’s new apartment and helped her move in. Then we ran back to the building to teach John, a less active member, a lesson. Then we went out and contacted on the city squares until we had a game night.
Friday, April 29:
We went out and contacted for most of the day, and we ended the day with our culture night! We went to dinner, got some delicious food and ice cream, and then we went to the Theater where we watched the Barber of Seville, which was awesome! (Although, slightly confusing, listening to Italian and reading Czech subtitles)
Saturday, April 30:
We planned for the week and then we taught a lesson to one of our new friends named Veronika, and it went great. After that, we went and did service for one of the less actives in the branch named George. It was a pretty good time! Then we went and had our last dinner as a district and received our transfer calls.
Sunday, May 1:
Church as normal, with a wonderful fast and testimony meeting. After the departing Elders got pictures with all the members, and then we ran home so Elder Trythall could pack. Then we went to the Bowens, who invited us and the YSA over for doughnuts, which were amazing! And then we went home and finished packing.
Today, Monday, May 2:
I sent off Elder Trythall to Prague, and then waited till Elder Cardon got here, and now I am emailing yáll!
Quick spiritual thought this week!
I avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward. -Charlotte Brontë
I have found that it is how funny how many of my worries about the future and pains of the past disappear when I stop focusing on myself, look to God, and go to work. My thought is simply is this-  if the future looks unbearable and the past looks like it be a stain forever, press on and work with God. For with him, a day well lived will always make yesterday a happy memory and tomorrow a vision of hope. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Take care all of you!
Happy Days,
Elder Page

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