It can build, encourage, and lift those around us . . .

Dear Family and Friends,
Tuesday, August 9:
We had normal studies in the morning, and then we were able to go have a lesson with that old investigator we found last week. It was a great lesson and he said he still believes the Book of Mormon is true and that he wants to work towards baptism again! After our lesson with him, we went out and contacted until  we had our English class which was a good timing.
Wednesday, August 10:
Was a pretty normal day, we had normal studies followed by District Meeting, which went well. Then we were out contacting the rest of the day.
Thursday, August 11: 
We did some studies in the morning, and then we were able to go meet with some sister who were traveling through Olomouc for an exchange. Then we contacted with them for an hour before we finished our studies. Then we had a lesson with a less active member, and then we went out contacting until we had game night.
Friday, August 12:
Same thing as Thursday in the morning, the sisters were returning and had another layover, during which we contacted. then we went home ate lunch and finished studies. Then we went out explore contacting, and we found an awesome girl from Mexico who has been living here in the Czech Republic for some 4 years now, and she was so excited to hear our message. So that was our miracle of the day. After that, we finished the day with a round of calls.
Saturday, August 13:
Weekly planning in the morning and then we had a lesson and a home visit we did before we went to Sports night. There we played some basketball and volleyball, and we had some new people come.
Sunday: Church like normal, and then we had to stay in the church building for a couple hours to help with branch counsel and tithing. Then we went home, ate, and then tracked in the rain for a couple of hours until we went to the Bowen’s for dinner with the YSA.
James observed the same phenomenon in ancient ships, as ships small and large were steered by an amazingly small rudder. Today it is still the same, whether it be a small ski boat or a massive freighter. He who controls the rudder controls the ship. It is the same way with our tongues. “the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts,” Though it is relatively small in proportion to other parts of the body, it can determine a person’s destiny. Our speech can lie to, hurt, or belittle others. Or on the other hand, it can build, encourage, and lift those around us. As a missionary, I have seen how powerful clean, refined, and respectful language can impact a person. It is only when I strive to speak in such a way, that I believe I can help others come closer to Christ. I know that we are blessed as we do so and that the Savior resides ever nearer as we strive to say what he would say. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Happy Days,
Starší Page

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