Happy Days . . .

Dear Family and Friends,

It seems like I just emailed y’all yesterday, but this past week as you can

Tuesday, August 23:
We had a normal studies in the morning, and then we were able to go to lunch with several of the members. Then afterwards, I was able to start an exchange with Elder Vickers. We were able to english contact together for an hour or so, and then we bumped into a former investigator and we were able to set up with him. Then we did some contacting, until we had our english class. After that we were able to meet with Ellie for a bit, and that was our day.
Wednesday, August 24:
We contacted early in the morning, and then we did our interview before we ended the exchange. Then we went and helped Vlastik get ready to move. Then we had lunch and studies. before we contacted for the remainder of the night.
Thursday, August 25:
We did some studies and district meeting in morning. Then we had lunch with the Bowens, before we went out contacting and did referal system. To end the night we celebrated a less active members birthday and then had game night in the building.
Friday, August 26:
We went out contacting early in the morning, followed by lunch, weekly planning, and studies. Then we went contacted the rest of the night, because the lessons we had on plan fell through.
Today, Saturday, August 27:
Just studies in the morning, then we visited an antique car museum. Now we are emailing.
Have a great week!
Happy Days

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One thought on “Happy Days . . .

  1. Grandpa would love the antique car museum. What kind of cars did they have? Did you get photos? Did you know that the Czech Republic makes the most beautiful glass buttons in the world? Someday I will go there and buy some! Hugs, Grandma Dawn

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