What I’ve learned from my time in Olomouc . . .

Dear family and friends,

We had transfers this last weekend! I will now be serving in Hradec Kralove as a Zone Leader with Elder Oviatt from my MTC Group! 118628447.jpg
But more about that after the day by day:
Sunday, August 28:
Normal church in the morning, and then we spent the rest of the day
contacting and working on some branch projects.
Monday, August 29:
We traveled to Bratislava in Slovakia for training with President Pohorelciky. It was amazing, and I learned a ton from it. We were also blessed with the opportunity to travel there and back with Elder Bowen, which was great fun. We then ended the night with Family Home Evening with the YSA at the Bowens.
Tuesday, August 30:
Was pretty normal, we studied in the morning, and then we had a lesson with one of the less active members of the branch. Afterwards, we contacted until we had our English class at six, and to finish off the night we were able to go to lunch with the YSA.
Wednesday, August 31:
Not much to say, just a normal day of finding and studies, but to end the day we were able to go get dinner with Ellie, which was nice.
Thursday, September 1:
Regular studies in the morning followed by some contacting before we worked on the referral system. Then we contacted the rest of the day until we had game night, where we had a great turn out.
Friday, September 2:
We explored contacted in the morning, which was a great time. Then we had our last lunch with the Bowens for the transfer before we went to go and do our studies. To end the night we had our culture night, which included dinner with some of the YSA, and then a trip to the circus. It was a blast because there was hardly anyone there with us, which lead to us being involved in several of the acts. If I can get ahold of some videos I will send them yálls way.
Saturday, September 3:
We weekly planned in the morning, followed by apartment checks by the Bowens. Then we contacted for awhile until we got our transfer calls. Then we finished up the branch projects, before heading off to sports night.
Sunday, September 4:
We traveled to Brno in the morning to watch the Frieberg Germany temple dedication, 620-iconic-freiberg-temple-once-again-a-spiritual-headquarters_1which was amazing! The speakers did a great job and the Spirit was wonderful during it. Afterwards, I said
goodbye to my MTC Sisters, who are heading home this week (it’s kinda weird to be that old in the mission now) and to some of the members of the Olomouc Branch. Then, we went back to Olomouc where I packed my bags for a bit, and then we went to the Bowens for our last District dinner. Then, I packed the rest of the night.
So, my spiritual thought today is more so just my feelings with my transfer call, and what I’ve learned from my time in Olomouc. When I found out I was leaving Olomouc, I was disappointed . . . I had really thought I might have been able to stay on more transfer, and help the branch through the rough patch it has been going through. More importantly, I thought I had more time to be with those members and friends I had truly come to care about. I wasn’t able to see many of them before I left, and the ones I was able to see it was not nearly long enough (however, to be fair I don’t know that it would ever be long enough…). And I felt physically sick at the thought of leaving all of them. I love that branch so much. They will always have a special place in my heart. I would have never thought I would come to care about somebody in such away, but through my time in that city – I was transformed, and I will be forever grateful for it. I know each of us has the ability to come to feel that love of Christ in each of our lives, and that all we need to do is open ourselves up to his loving influence. I know Christ lives and he cares for us immensely. And I say these things in his name, amen.
Have a great week!
Happy days!
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