“Accept what is, let go of what is not, and have faith in what will be”

Dear family and Friends,

This week has been a blur! I can’t believe we are already through the first week of the transfer! Missionary work here in Hradec Kralove is a lot different than the other areas I have served. One of those things is that they are a full-fledged ward, completely independent of missionaries. Another is that we have a car, which opens a ton of doors in terms of finding in new areas and tracting. Anyhow, here is the weekly summary.


Monday, September 5:

After emailing we went out finding for a bit, until we went and had family home evening with a part member family here in Hradec, and it was a great time!


Tuesday, September 6:

We had studies in the morning, followed by finding. Then we drove with the other Elders in our District to a town called Pardubice to contact with the Sisters. Then we did lunch and a language study together. Then we traveled back to Hradec to contact for a bit before a lesson, which we had with a recent convert, named Sister Bettie. Then we ended the night with our English Conversation Group, which is about 10 strong.


Wednesday, September 7:

Studies, followed by District Meeting with the Holts (the senior couple here). Then we went out and contacted around Hradec, until we had another lesson with a recent convert, named Daniella. After the lesson, we went home and changed so we could do service with a member. He first took us to a non-member family, and we were able to help them put together some furniture and get to know them. Then we went with him to his apartment to help him install a new fridge.


Thursday, September 8:

We had another lesson with Sister Bettie, early in the morning. Then we did our studies until we did a member visit. After the visit we went and got lunch, followed by a couple of hours of contacting. Then we went and drove out to a small village outside of Hradec, to find a referral. We weren’t able to find him, so we went back to Hradec, and went and help a member put up some new cabinets.


Friday, September 9:

We started our morning with service, where we went and helped clean out an old hostel in the City Center. Then Elder Oviatt and I traveled to Pardubice to help on of the Sister’s investigators move out of his apartment. Then we got lunch and did Language study with the Sisters before we returned to Hradec to do our studies and weekly planning. Then we contacted for an hour or so until we had family home evening to end the night.


Saturday, September 10:

We traveled to a city called Nova Paka, where we were able to take part in the Tronoto Project. It was a great time seeing all the members and missionaries who came out to help. The Project included several hours of cleaning out an old abandoned monastery/hospital so that it could be restored. After the project, we traveled back to Hradec, and got cleaned up so we could go tracting with the other Elders in a small village outside of Hradec.


Sunday, September 11:

We had church, which was amazing! They have a ward here in Hradec, and it was amazing to see how well the members were doing. After church we had a correlation meeting, and then we went to lunch at the Holts with all of the missionaries. Then we spent the rest of the day contacting, until we had call-ins with the APs.


Today, September 12:

Just grocery shopping and getting a little more settled in here.


So spiritual thought for this week is a quick little quote that goes as such:

“Accept what is, let go of what is not, and have faith in what will be”

The change from Olomouc to Hradec has been more difficult than any of the other transfers I have had before, but I have seen that as I stop dwelling on what I could have and begin looking at all of the new and wonderful opportunities that this transfer has to offer, I can be see this transfer as the Lord does. I am so excited for the next few months and the miracles that will follow. I know the Lord is in the work and that he has a vision for what we are to do and become. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Happy Days,


Starší Page


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