“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.” ~ RH Schuller

Dear Family and Friends,

I can’t believe how quick the weeks are going!…. It is hard to believe it is already October. My time as a missionary seems to be going be quicker every week! Anywho, here is this weeks daily run through:
Tuesday, September 27:
We traveled to Praha early in the morning for Zone Training. Overall it went great, President and Sister Pohorelicky gave a great training on the nature of God, the Sister Training Leaders trained on having faith to find, and Elder Oviatt and I trained on how to become better teachers. After that, we traveled back to Hradec, and got back just in time to do our English Class, which as normal did great
Wednesday, September 28:
Was pretty normal, studies in the morning and then we were contacting the rest of the day. It was a holiday, so it was a little slower than usual, but it was still good. Later in the day, we went tracting with the other Elders out in a small village called Hradek, and while we were tracting there we found a way cool girl named L., who we are teaching now. (she is the sweetest soul and very much prepared for the gospel). Then to finish the night we met a man named I. from the Ukraine, and we taught him a quick lesson in Czech/Ukraine.
Thursday, September 29:
I forgot to mention I started an exchange with Elder Anderson (my current District Leader) on Wednesday. But the day was very similar to Wednesday, lots of finding and time on the streets contacting.
Friday, September 30:
We had our normal morning, followed be a quick hour of contacting, before we went up with the Holts on a trip to Nachod to visit K. (a recent convert from Africa who plays soccer here professionally) and his friend J. (also an African pro soccer Player). So we shared a spiritual thought with them, and then we traveled over to visit another member who is living in a seniors home. Then we got back to Olomouc so we could help with RDV in the church building.
Saturday, October 1:
We weekly planned in the morning, followed by contacting, followed by service tracting with the other Elders. After that, we went to sports night and had another successful game of 10 v 10, just as ethnic as last week. Then we ended our night with a round of calls.
Sunday, October 2:
We had church as usual, church, correlation, and lunch with the Holts. Then we went out and contacted for a solid 5 hours in the rain. All in all, it was a great day and we met a ton of wonderful people!
Today, October 3:
We went on a vylet (jaunt) as a District to a castle a little ways away from Hradec Kralove (I’ll send some pictures!). And now I’m emailing all of you!
This week I have, once again, another small quote to share with all of you from Robert H. Schuller that goes, “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”This quote stuck out to me this past week, because recently Elder Oviatt and I have been listening to the talk “Remeber Lot’s Wife” and it talks about how we have the ability to become so much more in life as we leave those things of pain, failure, and embarrassment in the past we can begin to truly move forward into our future. I like to think of it as if we are floating in water looking for something to help carry us to shore, and unfortunately we tend to grab on to those things that pull us only deeper into the water. I know that as we grab the life ring/life vest/beach ball of hope that it will carry us through all of our difficulties and escort us safely home. I testify that the Savior is a constant buoyant force in our lives and that as we cling to him he will keep us safe and help us achieve a bright future, in his name, amen.
Have a great week!
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