…as I have worked to have my mind be a residence of those heavenly attributes, I have felt …

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Halloween!!! It is crazy that it is basically November now! It goes by so quick… Anyhow, I hope you will all enjoy all of the pumpkin carving and Tricker-Treating over there in the States! This last week, as usual, flew by, so here is the day by day:
Monday, October 24:
After emailing, we did some weekly shopping and then went and visited a recently converted family to do FHE with them.
Tuesday, October 25:
We got up early and drove into Prague for training, which was fantastic! It was fun seeing all of the missionaries in the Zone for a bit, and the training itself was well done and spiritually filled. After the training, we traveled back to Hradec Kralove and taught our English class where we played Pictionary with all of the class.
Wednesday, October 26:
Was a pretty standard day. Studies in the morning, solo contacting on the town squares, lunch, and street contacting. We did have a two first lessons towards the end of the day, but both said they didn’t wait to continue with the lessons.
Thursday, October 27:
Basically the same thing as Wednesday, but instead of first lessons we taught a recent convert and visited an older member at their retirement home.
Friday, October 28:
We studied and then we went and tried contacting on the streets, which went pretty well. It was a Holiday so there were a lot of families out together for us to talk to. Then we traveled out to Pardubice to do service with the Sisters. We ended up helping a family crack walnuts for about two hours and it was a ton of fun! The family was very kind and had interest in hearing about the Gospel. Then we traveled back to Hradec Kralove, to teach another recent convert lesson and to host Family Home Evening.
Saturday, October 29:
We weekly planned in the morning, and then we went to lunch with a member from Taiwan, who was visiting for the day. Then we went out and contacted, until sports night, which had a great turnout despite the weather.

Sunday, October 30:
We had church, and we had three investigators at church, which was a new high for us! Then we had lunch at the Holts with everyone, before we went out tracting, until about 7. Then we had a lesson with Marek, and he said he wants to be baptized! We are super excited for him and can’t wait to see how the Lord can change his life!
Today, October 31:
We taught a lesson early this morning, and then we traveled out to Pardubice with the other Elders to do some District Finding for a couple of hours. Then we cooked pizza, carved pumpkins, and celebrated Halloween as a District, and now we’re are all emailing.
So, quick, spiritual thought for this week is another quote, from Budha which goes”All we are is the result of all we have thought.” This week I have seen the power of thoughts in my work as a missionary work. It is amazing how a simple thought, such as “I am not meant to fail” or “I don’t stand alone”can completely change my countenance. In the same way that a positive thought can strengthen me, a negative one can spoil my attitude. The beautiful thing of it all is that God has given us the ability to control what thoughts cross our minds, to make a place where thoughts of peace hope, and charity abide. I can testify as I have worked to have my mind be a residence of those heavenly attributes, I have felt closer to my Savior, to my Father, and has helped me to always have a prayer in my heart. I know God is there and that his Spirit is always there with us if we will allow it, ni the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Have a great week!
Happy Days!
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