Transferred to Praugue

Hello All,

So, I just got called to serve in Prague as AP, my new companion is Elder Smith!  That means that my P-day is now on Saturday, so . . . no weekly email today, but I will send one off to you all on Saturday.

I got into Prague and had an office meeting and the next two weeks are crazy.  I won’t be in the same city two days in a row and I won’t get to see my new apartment for all of that time . . . So, it is just kind of crazy right now.  But, apparently, this is the craziest it has been since President Pohorelicky got here so it should calm down a little bit.

More to come on Saturday.

Until then, here is a video from our branch talent show in the Hradec Kralove. One the video the missionaries sing at

18:15 the missionaries sing

25:15 the missionaries perform a hilarious skit about what it is like to be a missionary in the morning. Good stuff – sure to make you smile.

Happy Days!

Starsi Page


One thought on “Transferred to Praugue

  1. That was so funny! I was belly laughing. I run your voice over and over in my head as I remember you while you are away. You don’t sound the same at all! Why, Starsi Page, I couldn’t understand a single word you said! Isn’t it an amazing gift that humor and love are universal languages?

    I am so excited that you get the opportunity to live in the amazing city of Prague. Your adventure continues as you experience all these magical life moments. I’m sure this will be a soul expanding experience for you. Good for you grandson! You are doing and being exactly what you’re supposed to right this moment and it makes my heart soar to think of what you’re experiencing. It is a fulfillment of some of the dreams I hold for you.

    Keep one eye open for button manufacturers. Someday, Grandpa and I will go back there with you and I am going to buy some of those beautiful glass buttons from the Czech Republic. I know you will be a dedicated and faithful AP. I’m so proud of you Starsi Page. If I had glass buttons, be assured, they would be popping off my coat right now!

    With eternal hugs and thanks,
    Grandma Dawn


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