“at one point I asked him what the most important moment in his life was . . .”

Dear Family and Friends,

I can’t believe how fast the time is flying… I know I say it every week, but this last week has been crazier and faster than most. Here’s the day by day:
Sunday, November 13:
We went to church and it was great! It was crazy to see how big the church is here in Prague. There were some 100 members there, and it was so weird for me to see the size difference between the church in Prague and Olomouc. Anywho, after church we taught a lesson to our new recent convert, and then we ran over to the office to help pack up orders in our car. Then we drove 5 hours to Bratislava, where we spent the night Slovak Zone Leaders.
Monday, November 14:
We met up with all of the Slovak Missionaries and did another large group finding activity. We gave out Book of Mormons in exchange for telephone numbers, and to spice it up we built a nine-foot tall tower of Book of Mormons to grab people’s attention. It worked splendidly! We gave out over 150 Book of Mormons and got numbers for 120 of them! So we did that group finding from 10 until 6. Afterward, Elder Smith and I got haircuts, then went and bought the equipment to prepare for Elder Sabin’s mission before we ran to dinner with the Slovak Zone. Then it was back to the Zone Leaders for the night.
Tuesday, November 15:
We got up early and set up for the mission tour, and then we had the wonderful opportunity to receive training from Elder Sabin. It was very spiritually powerful training and I believe it will help the mission as a whole to reach a whole new level of accomplishment. After the training, we hopped back in the car and drove to Prague.
Wednesday, November 16:
Again we prepared for the mission tour early in the morning and repeated it in Prague. Then we did some office work to prepare from Missionary Leadership Council. Then we had the zone leaders stay at our apartment for the night.
Thursday, November 17:
We had Missionary Leadership Council in the morning. It, as well, was conducted by Elder Sabin and we were incredibly blessed be that experience. Then we spent the rest of the day doing some office work for President and preparing for progression training. Then we had some Elders stay at our apartment to travel with us to Progressive Training.
Friday, November 18:
We got up and drove to Brno and conducted Progressive Training for those missionaries who are new in the field. Then we did some role play practicing with them and had lunch. Then we drove back to Prague and went to game night with some of the members. Afterward, we taught a lesson to a recent convert, and then we turned in for the night. Once again we had the opportunity to house some missionaries who missed a train to stay with us.
Saturday, November 19:
We had our P-Day, and we went to the “China Town” of Prague with a member named Linh (we know each other well from Prague), and had a great time there!
This week my spiritual thought comes from the mission tour we had. I was blessed to be able to spend some extra time with Elder Sabin as we prepared for the mission tour, and at one point I asked him what the most important moment in his life was. And he told me it was when he had the question “What if it is all true?”, in reference to the Plan of Salvation. He told me to ask myself the same question. As I thought about it I realized that it means absolutely everything. It means that if the Lord asked me to serve for 14 years instead of 2, it doesn’t matter because this work is true. Families can be together forever. Feelings of guilt can be overcome with time and the atonement of Christ. No one is too far gone. We can change. We can grow. If that is all true and is possible for me, for us, nothing else matters. I want to bear my testimony that God has a plan for us, it brings us joy, and it is wonderful. I know Christ suffered for me, and that now he supports me in my trials and afflictions. I know that the gospel changes lives and gives us a second chance, and I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Have a great week!

Happy days!
Starší Page

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