“if we’ll let it shine and share it, we can help people come closer to Christ without even knowing it . . .”

Dear Family and Friends,

So I only have 15 minutes today, so sorry if it is short, but here you go!
Sunday, November 20:
We went to church and taught a lesson after it. And then the rest of the night we were out tr acting as a district.
Monday, November 21:
I don’t really remember what happened Monday or Tuesday sorry…
Wednesday, November 23:
We had office meeting in the morning and a quick meeting with President. Then we were off to teach one of our investigators named Martin. We were blessed to be able to teach at Davids apartment (he is a recent convert and good friend of Martin), and the lesson went great. Afterward, we got lunch and ran over to District Meeting and then we did finding as a District and we did, what we have dubbed, Book of Mormon Towering, and we saw much success from it.
Thursday, November 24:
We started the day with our follow-up lesson with Martin, which went great! WE watched the Restoration Film and talked about baptism. After we had a meeting with President for an hour, then we had a lesson with Bohumil. When we wrapped the lesson, we went back to the office to meet with President and talk some more, and then we left with all the missionaries to go the Sedivy’s to celebrate Thanksgiving! It was absolutely amazing! We were there with the 9 missionaries in Prague, both Senior Couples, President and Sister Pohorelicky, the Sedivy (the 5 of them), and some friends of the Sedivy. It was a blast with everyone there! We played some games and did some hilarious skits. The food was great too! The Sedivy had it brought in from their hotel and it was fantastic! We spent from 3 until 8 there, and then we went home for the night.
Friday, November 25:
We meet up with President Pohorelicky early in the morning, and then we drove over to Hradec Kralove so President could have interviews with some of the missionaries in the zone. While he had interviews, Elder Smith and I helped set up a Christmas Contacting Display! It was wonderful and we played the new Christmas video for people on the street and gave out Book of Mormons we wrapped to look like presents. So we were able to work for the missionaries for a couple hours. And then we traveled to Trebic with President to get the new contacting materials we received from the church, and we stopped by his in-laws and got to know them a little bit. Then we returned to Prague.
Saturday, November 26:
We had a miracle baptism in the morning (more on that later during the spiritual thought) and then we were busy working on preparing things for Christmas trainings and exchanges. And now I get to email all of you!
So, for the spiritual thought this week, I just wanted to share the story of our miracle baptism.
So, on Thursday we were at the Sedivy’s and their friends. Elder Smith and I decided to play floorball with the two youngest boys, who I will call Nick (Sedivy) and Josh (from the other family), both ten years old. As a result, they stuck around us most of the night, and we got to know Josh’s dad pretty well. During the night, we had a great time and left. Fast forward to the next day and we got a call from President that Josh was going to be getting baptized on Saturday. We had no clue that he wasn’t a member, so we asked what had happened. And we came to learn that Josh had wanted to be baptized for a long time, but the timing was never right and the family didn’t feel ready for him to take that step. However, the night of Thanksgiving, the family felt the love and hope that comes from the gospel and decided it was the right time for their little boy to be baptized. He was taught all the lessons in one day, and we got everything cleared with his Stake back in the US, and we had the most wonderful baptismal ceremony.
I just want to close by bearing my testimony that the light of the gospel is real. People see it in us and if we’ll let it shine and share it, we can help people come closer to Christ without even knowing it. I know God loves us and watches over us, that Jesus Christ came to the world to overcome our weaknesses, and that we can have a personal relationship with both of them. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Have a great week!
Happy Days!
Starší Page

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