I have been thinking about how we as humans experience happiness . . .

Dear Family and Friends,

Another great week here in the Czech Republic! I can’t remember a ton from it, so sorry if bits and pieces are missing, but here is the day by day:

Sunday, December 11:
Church as normal, and then we went out and tracted until seven. Then, we gathered as a District at Presidents home, and watched the Christmas Devotional.
Monday, December 12:
We sent off the mission news letter in the morning, and then we had office meeting followed by lunch. And then we spent the rest of the day running some errands, and finalizing some office work for President.
Tuesday, December 13:
We contacted in the morning followed by a meeting with President. Then we went to lunch with Linh. And then we were in the office helping with orders and collecting statistics for the last year of the mission. To end the day, we contacted for a couple hours, and then went home.
Wednesday, December 14:
We had studies in the morning, followed by a quick lunch. Then we had a lesson with Martin, and it went great. And the rest of the day after that is a blur… I can’t remember any of it. But we contacted for a bit, and helped a member get ready to move out of her apartment.
Thursday, December 15:
We meet Elder Jensen, who was waiting on his Visa in California (also he is from Spokane Washington and knows some of the Gallafent family). We took him on a quick Prague tour, and got some svickova for his first Czech meal. Then we went back to the church, practiced for a minute for our concert, and went home for the night.
Friday, December 16:
We got up and took Elder Jensen to the bus station, to send him off to Brno. Then we drove back to the office to work on our Christmas Training. After that, we sat down and began working on the Mission Conference schedule. Then we had another quick meeting with President. After that, we went and prepared the chapel for our concert. Awhile later, we managed to get out for a bit and we were able to contact for an hour or two. Then, we put on our concert! It went well, and I am sure there are videos of it somewhere on the internet or members have it somewhere. As soon as I find them, I will send them your way. Then we ended the night with a District dinner.
Saturday, December 17:
We got up and went to a lesson with our good friend Martin, and it went great! We taught in a member friend’s home, and he is seeing more and more how the gospel can make him happier. After that, we went to lunch with Linh, and got some got Vietnamese BBQ. Then, we meet up with the other missionaries, and we all visited a friend in the hospital. And here we are now emailing!
So this week, I have been thinking about beauty, joy, and general awesomeness, but mainly I have been thinking about how we as humans experience happiness. Often when a person feels some type of extreme emotion they close their eyes. Praying, crying, laughing. At the extreme of all of these, we close our eyes. Standing in a majestic place, we also close our eyes to just feel the spirit of it. I believe that we do this because the deepest experience of human emotion is felt in the heart. No wonder of the eyes, no symphony to the ears, no aroma to nose, can compare to the feelings of the heart. In fact, the feelings of the heart overshadow all of these. In echo to last weeks email, I testify that gospel brings the Spirit into our lives, and from that Spirit we can experience the purest joy in this life. I know Christ lives and loves us, that our Heavenly Father watches over us, and through his Spirit he blesses us. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Have a great week! Merry Christmas! (if my P-day changes)
Happy days!
Starší Page

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