Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.

Dear Family and Friends,

So sorry for the past couple weeks. I know I have said I was busy in the past, but the past couple weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! So I gotta type fast to get you all caught up. The day by day:

Sunday, December 18:
We had church in the morning. Afterward, we went and had a birthday lunch for Elder Gauldin and myself (we have the same birthday). Then we went to go visit an Elder, who was hospitalized for kidney stones to brighten up his day. After we contacted the rest of the day, until we had call-ins.
Monday, December 19:
We got up and got to work on the mission newsletter, followed by office meeting. Then we went a taught a recent convert named Karner from China. She joined the church about 8 months ago through a friend who now lives in Prague (The Sedivy family). So we spent some time talking to her and finding out about her life and talked to her a little about serving a mission. Afterward, we went back to the office and worked with President to plan some things for the upcoming trainings. To end the night we had Family Home evening with all of the Young Single Adults, and we were able to do a Nativity scene and do a wonderful spiritual thought on the Savior.
Tuesday, December 20:
So I am drawing a blank as to what we did, it is my planner, but that is in the car. Thus,  a blank day here.
Wednesday, December 21:
We traveled to Brno in the morning for training, and it went great! Probably one of the best trainings I have seen on the mission. Basically, we had both sets of zone leaders, the sister training leaders, us, and President a Sister Pohorelicti gave short spiritual thoughts based around Christmas. Then we had lunch and we ended with some Czech traditions, such as apple cutting, lead pouring, and shoe throwing (but for transfers). After the training, we stayed in Brno for a baptism, and it was a wonderful experience. Then we traveled to Trebic with President and Sister Pohorelicti and had dinner with them before we drove back to Prague.
Thursday, December 22:
We did the same training that we did in Brno, in Prague, and it was equally (if not even more) spiritually uplifting and edifying. After the training, we traveled to a the Sedivy’s where we were able to spend some time with their family and also talk with Karner more about her questions she had about her mission and about the plan of salvation.
Friday, December 23:
Sorry, another blank day. No clue what happened here.

Saturday, December 24:
We got up early and we visited members all over Prague sharing a short Christmas Video and singing them a carol or two. We spent from about 7 until 2 doing that as a companionship, and with the other missionaries. When we ended we went and played some card games as a District until we all spilt-up to go to dinner with some of the members. We went with the Sisters to Sister Snederflerova’s and had the traditional Czech Christmas meal of carp, potato salad, and carp soup (plus salmon/halibut/and some Christmas Candies). Then we sang some carols together and exchanged gifts to end the night.
Sunday, December 25:
We had our one hour of church, and I was able to give a short spiritual thought during it. Then we ended church and talked to Karner for a bit, before we went to Christmas Brunch. Brunch was great, we were with President Pohorelicky, his family, President Pilka, his family, and all the missionaries in Prague. We opened all of our gifts, ate, and decorated cookies together. After that, we had some time to be together as a District and play some card games together, and then we went to the Senior Couples to Skype. We spent the rest of the night with the Morgans and had a wonderful Christmas.
Monday, December 26:
We had normal studies in the morning, and then we got some office work done in preparation for the training this week. After that, we went to a members’ for lunch/Christmas visit. We came back from the lunch and got outside contacting for a bit, and then we ended the night with Family Home Evening.

Tuesday, December 27:
We got up and went to the office to work on the mission newsletter, and then we were able to go with some of the rest of the District to Vysehrad to visit the Cathedral there. Then we got some lunch and meet up with Ellie from Olomouc! She was in Prague visiting the doctor, and we were able to talk and answer some of the questions she had about the church. Then we went and got groceries (since we didn’t get a P-Day last Saturday), and then we went to a member’s home for dinner.
Wednesday, December 28:
We got up early in the morning and traveled with of the Prague District to Hotel Stenberg to set up for the Mission-Wide Conference. Once we got everything set up, we coordinated a few things with President, had lunch with a quick spiritual thought, and then we went to a train station to pick several missionaries. When we got back to the hotel most of the mission had arrived, and we got everyone settled into their rooms. Then the mission bus arrived with the rest of the mission, and we had dinner. Following dinner, we had our welcome to the mission conference and a quick fireside about Jeruselum from President and Sister Pohorelicky. Then we ended the night with a Vecernicik (a small film of a Czech Goodnight Story).
Thursday, December 29:
We got up and the whole mission split up for different exercise activities, like: floorball, soccer, basketball, table tennis, and so on. I went on the run with several other missionaries. Then we all got back to get ready for the day and had breakfast. Following breakfast, we had our mission training for the oncoming year, and we discussed the goals and vision that we would like to have in 2017, along with several changes to the mission that are coming. After, we had a quick lunch and then we got ready for the talent show. The talent show was amazing, and almost everyone participated, and right after it, we did Fear Factor, which basically consisted of everyone being called up to eat a unknown Czech cuisine dish, ranging from raw beef to chocolate. Then we did a mission slideshow showing photos of all the missionaries when they were 12. Dinner followed, and after that, we watched a Czech fairytale called “Tri orisky pro Popelku” (basically the Czech version of Cinderella) to finish the night.
Friday, December 30:
We got up and repeated the same things for workouts and breakfast, and then we had a testimony meeting for all the missionaries that will be departing at the end of this transfer. Then we took a mission picture, and everyone started on their way back to their areas. We stayed behind and cleaned up from the conference, and then headed back to Prague with our District in the mission van. When we got back, we got lunch, and then helped President with a couple of things, and worked in the office, until we visited a member for a quick lesson. To end the night we had game night with some of the YSA.
Saturday, December 31:
We had P-Day, and basically we toured Prague Castle and did caricatures of the whole district. Now we are emailing, and after we are having New Year’s dinner with President and Sister Pohorelicky.
Sunday, January 1, 2017:
We went to church in the morning, and then right after we went to a members house for a brunch, which was fantastic. After, we took a sick member the sacrament and went back to the church building to see the Prague firework show. Then we did some studies, and we ended the night with dinner with President again and call-ins.
Monday, January 2:
We got into the office early and worked on the mission newsletter. Then we had office meeting followed by lunch and haircuts (at a Czech Barber Shop). Afterward, we made a plan for the next year with the ward mission leader to work together more effectively. The Morgans put on Family Home Evening, so we went there and enjoyed that with them, and then we went up to Presidents to talk for a bit. To end the night we did call-ins with the Zone Leaders.
Tuesday, January 3:
We meet with President in the morning and went over how the mission was doing and prepared several things for the coming trainings. Then, we went and I learned how to drive stick, so I can drive the mission van for this next transfer.
Wednesday, January 4:
In the morning we did our studies and then we had District Meeting, where we had a short “end of the transfer” testimony meeting. Immediately after, we got District Lunch and did some more office work. Afterward, we went to a members’ and shared a spiritual thought with, and then they surprised us and informed us that they had talked to President and gotten his permission to show us a Czech Fairy Tale. So, we watched that with their family, and we ended the night with dinner.
Thursday, January 5:
We got our studies in for the second day in a row! A feat that has proven increasingly difficult. After our studies, the Morgans came to our apartment for inspections, and we passed. Then we drove them over to the Sisters for their inspection. After the quick drive we taught a quick lesson in the building, and then we left to do some District finding. We did a singing display for about two hours and saw some great success, so members even showed up, and as angels got us hot chocolate and mint tea to warm us up. After the display, we went back to the office to pull together some things for the coming transfer.
Friday, January 6:
We had a meeting with President in the morning to figure out who was going where for transfer, and then we went to lunch with the office crew, including President and Sister Pohorelicti and the Office Elders. After lunch, we went off to a lesson with Michal, and we had a great lesson about setting goals, and together we made a plan to come to know who God is. After our lesson, we went back to the office and did some quick work, so we could end our day with Game Night.
Saturday, January 7:
We did transfer calls for President in the morning and went shopping for Elder Smith afterward. Then we hung out as District before we went to dinner and the ballet “The Nutcracker,” and it was fantastic!
“Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.”
 As you are all aware, it is a New Year, and I find it so fitting that Christmas comes right before. Why? Because as we celebrate Christmas we celebrate Christ and in essence the ability to start again. Through Christ, we can access the Atonement. I would like to testify that I know we can start again, that we can raise from where we were and continue on to reach new heights. We are blessed to have a time to start fresh in our relationships, work, and faith. Let us turn to Christ, and remember during this time of “New Beginnings”. I testify that he lives, in his name, amen.
Have a wonderful week!
Happy Days,
Starší Page

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