as we give him the same priority he gives us, we will be eternally happy

Dear Family and Friends,

So this past week, once again, has flown by… I feel like this past week has been a dream. So much going on with trainings and plans for the coming year.
Here is the day by day:
Sunday, January 22:
We went to church, and we spent most of our time translating talks and classes. After church, we sang in the ward choir and had a wonderful time there with the members. Then we ran home and got a quick lunch before we went out contacting. We had a great time contacting, and while we were out we meet a young man from Ukraine that has been searching for God since he moved to the Czech Republic. We are very excited to meet with him and help him in that search. To end the night, we visited a family where the mom had just had surgery, to support them and administer the sacrament.
Monday, January 23:
Was pretty normal. Mission newsletter in the morning, followed by Office Meeting, followed by lunch. After we had eaten, we had a meeting with President to plan out some calendar items for the coming year, including things like zone trainings and the like. When we had finished, we met up with the Sister Training Leaders and prepared for the upcoming Zone Training. Then, we ran to our ward mission correlation meeting and made some plans to work with members more in the coming year. We ended the night with Family Home Evening, where we watched the YSA Broadcast, and we had several friends come and watch it with us. Then, we ended the night with dinner and call-ins.
Tuesday, January 24:
We got ready and studied a little and then we went to a Stake/Mission Coordination meeting, where we made plans for Stake Activities that would help the Czech Republic prepare for its second Stake and Slovakia prepare for its second District. When we had finished, we went back to the office and began working on several projects for training, including a new senior couples video, a training on the referral system, a training for the mission dropbox, a training for new mission standards, and several other lower key projects. The rest of the night was spent on these and doing several video interviews with the senior couples in Prague.
Wednesday, January 25:
We spent all morning in the office wrapping up these projects. And at three we managed to get out and contact for a bit until we got haircuts. Afterward, we had a meeting with President to confirm on several things for training. Then, the rest of the night we got everything one hundred percent ready for the training.
Thursday, January 26:
We spent the morning setting up the chairs, tables, and projector for the training. And then we had our wonderful training. It was a wonderful experience, full of the Spirit, and everyone is excited for the new changes that are coming to the field. After the training, we helped straighten things up, got some dinner, and then made a few quick adjustments to our training, before calling it a night.
Friday, January 27:
Round two of training for the first part of the day. Afterward, we had a quick meeting with President, the Zone Leaders, and the Sister Training Leaders to discussed how it went. Then we went to a quick language study, followed by game night, followed by a lesson with Micheal (which was awesome!!!!).
Saturday, January 28:
We woke up, studied, cleaned the church building, and visited Vyshehrad again. Then we got lunch as a District, and we taught a lesson to a new investigator named Marketa after. Now here we are emailing.
This past week as we watched the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast, I reflected on the message the speakers shared on changing our priorities. One quote stuck out to me in particular,
“People don’t change until their priorities do.”
As I pondered over the meaning of this simple quote, I thought about how much priority I give to the Gospel, to the Savior, to my family, and how when I give each of those things a higher priority in my life how much happier I am. I know that as I have been on my mission and given my Heavenly Father highest priority in my life, I have had an abundance of joy. I know our Heavenly Father loves us, and as we give him the same priority he gives us, we will be eternally happy. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Have a great week!
Happy days,
Starší Page

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