We are on day 5 right now, but already I have seen the difference it is making in my prayers . . .

Dear Family and Friends,
Two years today! I have been gone two years today!
It has been quick, and I am a mix of emotions about hitting that milestone… But I am so grateful for these past two years and every wonderful experience that has come with them. Anywho, let the bonus round begin! Here is this week’s rundown.
Sunday, February 12:
Church, as normal, I was translating/playing the piano for primary most of the three hours. Then we got some lunch, and then we spent the rest of the day out contacting referrals and less-actives. Then to end the night we had call-ins.
Monday, February 13:
Standard morning, mission newsletter, followed by Office Meeting. Then we were in the office making the last minute preparations for Missionary Leadership Council. After we wrapped in the office, we went and ran some errands for President around Prague so he could be in the office working. Once we got back, we had a correlation with the District at the church building. Following that, we had Family Home Evening and celebrated Sister Morgans birthday, which was way fun. To end the night we had call-ins, and we took the Zone Leaders from Bratislava over to our apartment to spend the night.
Tuesday, February 14:
We got up and went straight to the building to get ready for Mission Leadership Conference. And then at about 10 we got to it and had a wonderful council about the needs of the missionaries and the mission. Immediately we drove over the Sedivy’s for another lesson with Michal about prayer, and it was absolutely wonderful. In the end, we all committed to pray out loud for 15 minutes every night so that we could have a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ, and Michal was really excited for it! Words cannot describe that wonderful lesson. Then we returned to the office and pulled together a few things before we retired home for the night.
Wednesday, February 15:
We got up early and drove over to Jihlava for an exchange! It was awesome to be able to visit there and see some of those people from earlier in my mission. When we got there we met up with the missionaries, and we had a singing display with the Jihlava District, followed by a quick District lunch. Then we went and did a round of building tours with everyone for a couple more hours, and then we did a group language study. When we had wrapped, Elder Murley and I went and did some visits to the old people I taught there (including Mirek, you know where we killed those 90 turkeys last year). We had a wonderful time introducing them to the missionaries again and committing them to start in that path to God again. When it had gotten late enough we went back to the building, where we did another short fireside with the missionaries, followed by dinner.
Thursday, February 16:
We drove back in the morning and got back to Prague for District Meeting, which was great as per usual. Then we went to lunch with a member, before we returned to the office to prepare some material for Zone Training. Then we took a bit to get some of our studies in before we left to dinner at the Matejcovi’s, where they made us some amazing homemade gulas. After we traveled home and called it a night.
Friday, February 17:
We got to the Office early in the morning to help President get ready for a public relations meeting. Once we had figured that out, we were the office most of the day cranking out some of the desk work we had been avoiding. So, we did that interspersed with some small errands for the President, until we went to the Sedivy’s for another lesson with Michal, which was just as amazing as the last. Then we got back to the building to talk to President for a bit, before we went down for gamenight.
Saturday, February 18:
We got up and got some work done, and then we were off on another day trip to Kutna Hora, which was way cool! We went as a whole District plus three members and toured one of the cathedrals and the bone chapel. Then we all traveled back to Prague and had a group dinner/lunch, and here I am emailing all of you now.
So, this week my spiritual thought is a little bit different and has two parts. The first is, in the next three months we lose half of the Senior Couples in our mission, and they don’t have replacements. Having served in areas that Senior Couples are, I know what a difference they make.  So… I worked with Elder Swink and we put together several videos encouraging those who have considered serving senior couples missions to do so. The link below should take you to them.


Secondly, this week we started that challenge with Michal to pray out loud for 15 minutes for 30 days, and it has been absolutely amazing. We are on day 5 right now, but already I have seen the difference it is making in my prayers. I just want to testify that I have felt the power of prayer these past 5 days. I know I am heard, that He cares and that He is my Father. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Have a great week!
Happy Days,

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