I know that as we think less and pray more those things that are most important in our lives will work out . . .

Dear Family and Friends,
I can’t believe it is March… Things are starting to warm up here in the Czech Republic, grass is showing up in small patches, tulips are poking up through the dirt, and the trees are starting to get a bit more color. In fact, it was warm enough for Elder Swink to get a sunburn (but with his delicate ginger skin that isn’t saying too much😂). Anywho here is the day by day:
Sunday,  February 26:
I translated at church again and afterward, we were able to go out and contact for a bit. Then we went into the office a weekly planned for a bit. Following weekly planning, we meet up with the Sisters and went over to the Sedivy’s for the U-night, and had a wonderful time there. We did a fun activity called Ugly Apples and after we had a discussion about the Restoration. We ended the night with call-ins with the Zone Leaders.
Monday, February 27:
We sent out the mission letter, and then we had our apartment inspections. After the inspections, we got lunch and helped the sister training leaders finish up the last couple of things on their trainings. And then we got out finding for a bit before we had Correlation and Family Home Evening. As usual, we ended the night with call-ins with the Zone Leaders.
Tuesday, February 28:
We spent the first part of the day running errands and helping President out, and then we had our culture night.

Wednesday, March 1:

We loaded up and drove to Hradec Kralove for Zone Training, and it was great! All the trainings were well prepared and it was a wonderful experience. Once we had finished in HK. We piled back up into the car and got back to Prague, where we were able to meet and talk with Elder Addler of the quorum of the 70 about the needs the mission has. Then we pulled some things together for training and called it a night.

Thursday, March 2:
We got up and pulled everything together for the last Zone Training, and once again it was wonderful a full of the Spirit. Elder Addler and Sister Addler were also able to attend this last Zone Training and share a few words with us, which was a great blessing, as they taught us about the Atonement and our duty to the world. After Training we tried to catch
up on some of the office work we missed and to end the day we went out to dinner to celebrate Sister Hills one year mark in the country.
Friday, March 3:
We spent most of the day in the office catching up on everything, and then we ended our day with a group language study followed by game night.
Saturday, March 4:
Nothing really, I spent most of my day with a missionary who has been struggling, just letting him relax in the office studying. During all of that, I was studying, working on translations for some church materials, and typing up some reports for President. Now I am emailing all of you!
So, this week I have sought constantly the peace of the Savior, in his guidance, his love, his understanding, his Spirit. As I have striven to have this Spiritual Gift, I have seen, once again, the power of prayer. I love the adage that goes:
“I pray because I believe in the power of prayer,
I pray because I have no doubt that God has answered my prayers,
I pray because God allowed me to wake up and see another day,
No matter what others think or say, I will pray.”
I want to just bear my testimony, that I know prayer works. Its power is evident in every day of my life. I know that as we think less and pray more those things that are most important in our lives will work out. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Have a great week and I am looking forward to next week’s email!
Happy Days,
StarĹĄĂ­ Page

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