Lots of miracles & new forms of opposition

This week has been amazing (as is usual)! Lots of miracles, new forms of opposition, and a lot of time with the branch members. Here is the day by day:

Tuesday, July 28th:

We started the morning early with a lesson with an older couple that Elder Boyce and I met while tracting. We had a good lesson about the Restoration and set up to meet again. After our lesson, we ran down to the bus station (literally haha), where we met up the Uherske Hradiste Elders for an exchange. I had my exchange with Elder Gier in UH. It was a little stressful at first, because we are both fairly young in the mission, but the gift of tongues kicked in and we were able to find a new investigator and teach several lessons. In addition to contacting and tracting most of the day, we had game night with Vojta, who is preparing to leave on a mission. We had a great time playing ping pong and talking about missionary life.

Wednesday, July 29:

We got up and got ready for the day before we hopped back on a bus to Zlin for District Meeting, which went well. It was followed by District lunch, and then some District Finding where we tabled on the Namesti with all four of us. We were able to find one or two new investigators so it went very well. For the remainder of the day, we did some surveys, restoration contacting, and a lil’ bit of tracting.

Thursday, July 30:

We had or normal schedule in the morning followed by a power hour of tabling on the Namesti. After tabling, we had a lesson with Sister D, which went well. She committed to coming to church next week. After that, we went out and dropped by a shop where several of our investigators work, and set up for a meeting next week. The rest of the day we were on the outer part of Zlin tracting and contacting.

Friday, July 31:

We got all of our studies done in the morning and went out seeding in a new place in Zlin in hope to find a new young family. The rest of the day was various types of contacting because the two lessons we had on the plan for the afternoon did not show up. But we still had a great day teaching a total of seven lessons and finding a new investigator.

Saturday, August 1:

Was exciting. We worked out in the morning, and as soon as we finished working out I began baking muffins for K’s farewell. After finishing the 48 muffins for the barbeque, we had studies, followed by weekly planning. After we concluded weekly planning, we got out the door and tracted some of the Panelaky on Jizny Svahy until we had game night. Game night went well we had an investigator come and play ping pong with us and President Vecere. After game night, we had some extra time so we contacting, where we found a new form of opposition . . . There was a big soccer game in Zlin that night, and, as a result, there were a lot of drunk people on the streets. Several of which decided it would be fun to throw their beers at us. Fortunately, we had a Samuel the Lamanite moment and they couldn’t hit us with anything. So that was pretty cool! And then right after that we found a new investigator!

Sunday, August 2:

We had the highest church attendance since I came to Zlin, which was amazing to see. It was K’s mission farewell (the YSA we have worked with a ton) this Sunday, which was a sight to see. I doubt I will ever be in a Sacrament Meeting quite like that one again, with flash photography, audience participation, gift exchanges, and all sorts of other surprises, but it was very touching and you could feel everyone’s love and pride in him. After church, we all piled up into cars and drove to the Vecerovi where we had a barbeque for Kaja. We played games, roasted spikacky, and ate some tasty Czech desserts. Then we caught a bus back into Zlin so we could tract the rest of the night.

Monday, August 3:
Today we had interviews with President McConkie, which went well. I always love being able to visit with him. Afterwards, we went to and got lunch with the Uherske Hradiste Elders, followed by a trip to a Kostel. I’ll send some pictures. Then we got into Zlin and got to work contacting people. And that has been our week!
So, this week, I have had a rather hard time thinking of a spiritual thought, and still quite haven’t got one figured out. So, I will simply write a brief testimony and next week I promise I will have an actual formulated spiritual thought.
I know that God is our Heavenly Father, that He knows and loves each of us perfectly. I know that our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ knows and loves us, and because of that love He came down to earth. He came here to take upon all of our pains, sorrows, and sins, that we might have joy. I know the Holy Ghost is our dearest friend. He knew us each individually in the preexistence and loved us just as much as Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do. I know that when we pray They hear us. I know that when we open our hearts They will bless us. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Sorry again, I’ll have an actual thought next week! I hope you are all doing well and have a good week!
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